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40 years ago: Kansas districts must be reapportioned, federal court says

February 3, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 3, 1973:

This week in Topeka, a three-judge federal court ruled unconstitutional a 1972 law reapportioning the 125 districts of the Kansas House of Representatives. The court held that the districts created under the bill "were lacking in compactness and continuity." Lawmakers were being given until Feb. 16, 1974, to reapportion the districts, or the court would take responsibility for doing so. The decision was not to affect the current two-year terms of the House members. Representatives from Lawrence expressed mixed reactions today to the news. Rep. Michael Glover, 44th District Democrat, said that he was not surprised by the decision. Republicans John Vogel, 43rd District, and Lloyd Buzzi, 45th District, agreed that the 1973 session would not take up the matter, but Vogel thought it would be unwise to abdicate the responsibility of reapportionment to the court.


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