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25 years ago: KU to build new parking garage near Allen Fieldhouse

February 2, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 2, 1988:

Kansas University officials this week announced their decision to build a multi-level parking garage on a site north of Allen Fieldhouse, where there were currently two parking lots. Allen Wiechert, director of facilities planning, said that the location had been chosen over another near Robinson Gymnasium because the size of the building needed to accommodate the desired number of parking spaces was "too big for the Robinson site." Streets surrounding the chosen site had also been judged "capable of handling traffic a little better," Wiechert said. The garage, which was to hold 650 to 700 parking spaces, was expected to get a lot of nighttime use not just from Allen Fieldhouse patrons but also from its proximity to Murphy Hall, the Burge Union, and the law school. Officials said they were budgeting $5.3 million for the project.


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