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100 years ago: Heads or tails? KU girl chose unusual method to select husband

February 1, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 1, 1913:

"Lawrence people will no doubt recall Ciddie Wirt, a former Lawrence girl and a student of the University here a few years ago. Ciddie was always a rather adventuresome miss and a short time before her marriage here in 1911 basked in the limelight of public curiosity and gossip. For she was 'engaged to a Brazilian count,' a gentleman with a name of unusual dimensions, one of whom Lawrence people heard very much but never had the opportunity of seeing. Then all at once Ciddie announced that it was 'all off' and that she would not be a countess and live in a bamboo bungalow on the Southern end of the Western Hemisphere. The reason for it? Well, there was another man in the case. He was tall and handsome, this man was, and he was just as nice and lovely, don't you know, only he didn't have a title, he was an American. But that didn't matter, Ciddie liked him anyway. But she liked the title also, and the story relates how Ciddie chose between an American and a title and the American won. It is said that Ciddie secured a coin, decided that f it came up 'tails,' she was to accept the title; if 'heads' were up it was to be the American. 'Heads' it was. Then there was a wedding and the count was forgotten. Ciddie and the American were more or less forgotten and for a time Lawrence people did not know where they were. But Ciddie and her American Husband have been found and again are in the glare. They appeared in the divorce court in Hutchinson, Kansas, yesterday and it was decreed that they should give up and matrimonial ties were broken and the two are again at liberty. The case is recorded in the Hutchinson court as Harry Williams versus Ciddie Wirt Williams. Thus closes another of the escapades of a young girl who liked the adventuresome life. She is a free agent again now but it is doubtful if she will ever again trust to the flip of the coin."


Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 4 months ago

This reminds me of an episode of 'The Twilight Zone' where a coin fell, and instead of falling heads or tails, it fell on an edge. What would Miss Ciddie Wirt have done if the coin toss had turned out that way? Stayed single? Or looked for another man?

A coin toss is 50-50, and today, the divorce rate in the United States is about 50-50. But maybe a divorce would not have been as simple of a thing in South America for Miss Ciddie Wirt.

JS82 5 years, 4 months ago

I have a feeling that Ciddie was a little crazy and made up her Brazillian Count. Her husband that won probably found this out and got out of the marriage as quickly as possible. No ability to fact check a story like this in 1913 but I am sure she was an interesting person. It would be neat to see what happened to her.

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