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100 years ago: KU football has profitable year, manager says

December 30, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 30, 1913:

  • "Football was a very profitable sport at the University of Kansas the past year according to a partial statement of the season's business at the box office made today by Manager W. O. Hamilton. The figures show the profits at approximately $10,000, a sum not to be despised for three months of labor.... When all of the bills are paid and the final statement issued it is apparent that it will show a wide margin of profit for the season, better than last year. However, football must bear the burden of all athletics at the University and when it is taken into consideration that other sports are not money-makers but financial failures, it will be seen that the profits will not be so large at the close of the year."
  • "Plans for a crusade the object of which will be to establish a municipal hospital, to bring about the closing of the city stores at nine o'clock on Saturday nights, and the enactment of a Sunday closing ordinance which will affect all business houses of the city, were discussed at a meeting of the Men's Brotherhood Class of the First Christian Church held last night. The twenty-five men who attended were enthusiastic in their expression of their confidence that these things could be brought about."
  • "No decision was reached this afternoon in the case of the State against W. R. Shook and Robert Farmer in Justice Wilson's court. The two men are farmers living northeast of the city. They are charged with careless driving on the night of Dec. 16. It is alleged that as the two were returning from Lawrence in a lumber wagon shortly after dark they ran into a buggy driven by Mrs. Green. They both testified that they were driving slow and that Mrs. Green was driving in a trot. Mrs. Green says the horse she was driving could not be induced to go faster than a walk. Her buggy was damaged in the collision."
  • "The Topeka alumni of the Kansas State Agricultural College in no uncertain terms attacked the Board of Administration of the state yesterday in resolutions passed at a meeting of the alumni. In a burst of resolving the Aggie grads gave vent to pent up feelings and unsparingly accused the members of the new board of playing politics, being incompetent, of impairing the efficiency of the state schools under their control and of doing incalculable damage to the agricultural industry of the state.... It is understood that similar resolutions will be brought up at meetings of the alumni organizations all over the state, not only of the Agricultural college, but also of the university and the State Normal school. The one-board idea generally has not found favor with the graduates of the schools, nor in educational circles."


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