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100 years ago: Kansas City dances reported to be less “risqué” than KU parties

December 29, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 29, 1913:

  • "Are public dances in the cities less risqué than some of the dances of Lawrence, a college town? A Lawrence young man, who has attended the University in the past and who still attends a number of the parties attended by University folks, is inclined to answer in the affirmative. He has an actual experience to draw this conclusion from. Recently this young man visited a public dance hall in Kansas City and undertook to introduce a few of the Varsity steps as learned in Lawrence. A welfare inspector appeared very shortly and interfered with the enjoyment of a 'Boston Dip Waltz' which the ex-rah-ray was putting on. The young man says that none of the front position, strangle-hold dances are permitted in the public dance halls of Kansas City. An inspector is on hand and is said to be much more diligent and active than many faculty chaperones at Varsity parties where the elite are wont to indulge in terpsichorean amusement."
  • "Crossed wires this morning caused a fire in the switchboard at the office of the Home Telephone Company and practically shut off service in the city for the entire day. The exact damage has not yet been determined. The fire department was summoned and the blaze was soon extinguished. 'If it had not been for the great amount of water thrown on the fire we should have had all but a few of the phones working this afternoon,' said Manager F. R. Holmes. 'We expect to have most of them in order tomorrow morning.... We cannot tell the exact damage until the board dries out sufficiently to test the phones. I think that only a small block of the board is damaged.'... Mr. Holmes said that it was the opinion of the telephone people that the fire was caused by a heavy current coming into the board over some telephone wire that had become crossed with an electric light or power wire."
  • "The new High school gymnasium on the third floor of the Manual building will be used for the first time today when the high school boys will hold their regular basketball practice in it. The locker rooms and other rooms adjoining the floor are not quite done but it is expected that they will be completed for the first basketball game of the season to be played on January 8 with either Edwardsville or Rosedale."
  • "A big wolf drive is being planned for Leavenworth county to be held on New Year's day. The lines have been defined as follows: State road running from Six Corners to Reno forms the north line, thence south from Reno to the John Schmelzer farm, west three miles, thence north to Six Corners. The round up will be on section 12, known as the 'Nine Mile Farm.'"


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