Celebrity Fashion Fusion: Catching attention — Jennifer Lawrence’s little black dress both edgy and classy

If you want to be hot enough to catch on fire this New Year’s Eve, all you need to do is follow Jennifer Lawrence’s lead.

The more popular Lawrence becomes as an actress the more people seem to gravitate toward her fashion sense.

Fortuity employee Laura Konecny models an outfit inspired by actress Jennifer Lawrence:

Earrings from Fortuity

Bracelet from Fortuity

Jennifer Lawrence


Dress: Noble U, $22

Bandeau: Anemone, $10

Earrings: $12

Bangles: $17

Lawrence recently wore a low-cut black dress with a green and white bandeau under it to a promotional event for “Catching Fire,” the latest installment in the Hunger Games trilogy in which Lawrence stars. The outfit combines edginess and modesty to create a classy look that can easily be imitated off the red carpet.

A dress similar to the one Lawrence wore can be found at Fortuity, 809 Massachusetts St., for only $22. Add a sparkly bandeau for only $10 to create a trendy New Year’s Eve outfit you can wear to virtually any party.

Ellie Ruby, vice president of Fortuity, describes New Year’s Eve as the perfect time to try something trendy and new.

“Step out of your comfort zone and at least try things on,” Ruby said.

The little black dress at Fortuity has cutlets on the sides along with the plunging neckline. Ruby said these types of cutlines are on trend now because they show a little skin without revealing too much.

“Anything with cutlets right now is really popular,” Ruby said. “Anything that shows a little bit of skin but is still classy.”

And you don’t have to be a size two to pull off this look. Ruby said anyone can wear this dress if they feel good and confident while they have it on.

To top off the look, associates at Fortuity recommend silver bangle bracelets, which cost $17, and dangly silver earrings, which cost $12.

Of course Jennifer Lawrence’s most-talked-about accessory these days isn’t her jewelry, but rather her new pixie hair cut.

Ryan Heier, a stylist at Moxie Hair Studio, 1540 Wakarusa Drive, describes the pixie as a cut that evokes confidence.

But Heier warns that the pixie cut isn’t for everyone.

“Pixies aren’t the easiest hair cut,” Heier said. “Not everybody should where a pixie.”

He said that people who want to take the plunge and get a pixie should remember the cut requires a lot of maintenance, styling products and frequent trims.

To create a different and edgy look without getting a pixie, Heier recommends a long bob or wedge cut.

— Arley Hoskin is a Kansas native who loves art and fashion. She prides herself in finding trendy styles on a journalist’s budget.