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Editorial: Merry Christmas

The season went by so quickly, let’s see if we can extend that special Christmas feeling into the new year.

December 25, 2013


As expected, the late date for Thanksgiving this year made the Christmas season go by even faster than usual.

After a flurry of activities — holiday fairs, music programs, religious services and, of course, shopping — the holiday suddenly is upon us.

We hope everyone has had a pleasant lead-up to today’s celebration and got to enjoy all their favorite holiday traditions with all of their favorite people. Inclement weather may have put a bit of a damper on shopping last weekend, but procrastinators seemed out in full force Monday and Tuesday providing, we hope, a happy holiday for local retailers.

It may have slowed down the shoppers a little, but nothing gets people in the Midwest in a Christmas mood like a little snow. Below-zero temperatures maybe weren’t on our wish list, but Sunday’s storm delivered a beautiful blanket that clung to trees and added a special glow to the holiday lights.

With most of the preparations and bustle behind us, today is the day to sit back and enjoy the holiday, eat some good food and spend some time with the people you care about. Unlike at Thanksgiving, there is no reason to incite a shopping frenzy so most retailers will be closed today — all day — so their workers can enjoy the Christmas holiday.

The best gift of Christmas is the feeling of good will and sharing that the season inspires. Local residents stepped up once again to adopt less fortunate families and individuals and try to make their holiday a little happier. For anyone who needs a meal or some company today, the sharing spirit continues with the annual Community Christmas Dinner from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at First United Methodist Church.

It does seem like the Christmas season went by really quickly this year. Maybe that’s a reason to try to extend that holiday feeling a little longer — actually as long as possible into the new year.

We hope you have a safe and wonderful Christmas filled with fun, family, friends and all the special feelings of the season.

Merry Christmas!


Paul R Getto 4 years, 6 months ago

Good column. We can all extend the season if we meet the ultimate up to the Golden Rule.

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