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100 years ago: Children anticipating great joys of Christmas Day

December 24, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 24, 1913:

  • "The joyous Christmas season, the anniversary of that first Christmas so long ago, is here.... 'Peace on earth, good will to men,' will be heard the world over this evening.... Christmas is the children's day. The real pleasures of Christmas are theirs. Tonight and tomorrow will see the realization of many an anticipated joy, it is a climax of weeks of eager excitement. Perhaps it is a Christmas tree that fond parents have decorated, 'fixed-up' as it is in the childish talk, it may be the old custom of hanging up the stockings, perhaps Santa Claus will call in person, no matter for that, it is Christmas and to the childish heart it is the greatest day of all the year."
  • "Why not get away from the old idea of eating a big Christmas dinner at home? Of course it's nice, but it's not so nice for your wife who cooks all morning and washes dishes all afternoon. Why not come down to the Eldridge and get the best dinner you have had for some time. It will cost you but 75 cents and will leave the rest of the day for yourself and family. If you are going to have company that is different, but if it's just you and your family think it over and see if we are not right. The folks at home deserve a holiday too."
  • "Christmas at the county jail will be observed with a special big dinner for the inmates. Turkey and cranberry sauce will be on the menu card along with oyster dressing, mince pie and pudding."
  • "There is the usual amount of late shopping this season. In spite of the bad weather many Christmas buyers were down town last night and again this evening. Business all this week has been much better than the week before according to most of the merchants. Practically all stores will be open tonight to accommodate the eleventh hour shoppers."


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