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40 years ago: Federal proposal on gasoline allocation might affect Lawrence students

December 22, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 22, 1973:

  • If a U.S. House proposal prohibiting the allocation of gasoline to bus school children out of their neighborhoods were to win Senate approval, about 50 Lawrence students would be affected. The students, who lived in North Lawrence, were currently being bused to South Junior High School although Central Junior High was closer. The change would not save the Lawrence school district any gasoline, according to Kenneth Fisher, assistant superintendent for business and facilities. The students in North Lawrence, where there was no neighborhood junior high, would still have to be bused to Central, Fisher said. Students being bused out of the Schwegler School boundaries to India, Hillcrest, and Centennial because of overcrowding at Schwegler would possibly not be affected by the change, Fisher said, because the House amendment allowed busing of a neighborhood school was overcrowded.
  • In Washington, Congress today completed action on legislation intended to put the nation on year-round daylight saving time by the end of the second week in January. Voice votes in both the House and Senate had sent the measure to the White House for President Nixon's signature. Congress this week also passed and sent to the House a bill to permit the government to use aluminum instead of copper in making pennies. The authority had been requested because of the high price of copper.


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