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100 years ago: Yet another ‘interurban rumor’ reaches Lawrence ears

December 20, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 20, 1913:

  • "Lawrence may be aroused some morning next spring by the clang of an interurban car and not know how it came to be here. The Missouri and Kansas Interurban Railway Company of Kansas City is planning an extension of its line to the West, according to a very reliable bit of information that has been received here.... The Missouri and Kansas Company has been working on the quiet. A company of engineers have been over the proposed route but thus far no promoters, agents with bonds to sell, have been seen on the town site. And now comes the word that as quietly as the engineers came into Lawrence and did their part will the gangs of track laborers be set to work. In the Spring, says the information, the extension to Lawrence will be made and a little later the interurban will proceed on westward to Topeka.... Lawrence has heard many rumors of interurbans the past few years and yet there is not even a start at actual construction, but each rumor brings the trolley that much closer as it is realized that some day Kansas will have her electric lines as the East has hers. Perhaps it will be the Missouri and Kansas Company, and the line may come next spring."
  • "'When the individual Kansan is asked to put his hands in his pocket and dig up for a new prison under which it will be possible for the reform system to be worked out, he not only pauses, but stops,' declares Prof. Frank W. Blackmar of the University of Kansas. 'As a member of the commission to investigate and report upon conditions at Lansing I know this only too well. The remedy for nearly every bad condition there requires money. The only way, for instance, to make the present antiquated prison fit modern conditions is to tear it down and build a new one. Aside from that, everything there is all right.'"
  • "Another dog has arrived in Lawrence via the river route. The animal came in some time this afternoon and still remains on a pier of the Kaw River bridge where he stopped upon his arrival. This is the second dog to appear in the river within little more than a week. The other landed in a clump of willows near the fill on the north side."
  • "Complaint that a watch was stolen from his home last night was made to the police department this morning by Lou Lawson, 1041 New York street. The watch was taken from a shelf in the home. Entrance was made through a door which had been left open. According to Mr. Lawson nothing but the watch was taken."
  • "The usual fog enveloped Lawrence this morning. It started shortly after 6 o'clock and was in control of the situation for the next four hours. The fog was almost as heavy as last week. It is noticeable that more fogs came this winter than ever known."


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