The Fashion Column Twins: Midseason inspiration

In the depth of winter I inevitably find myself in a fashion rut reaching for only black-colored comfortable pieces in my closet. Who wants to wear a fancy dress and heels in 20-degree weather? Not me!

Emily Kennedy sports an oversized anorak jacket with faux fur trim (28) from Eccentricity, along with skinny jeans (9), a striped shirt (8) and a scarf (4).

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that I default to only wearing one color or want to throw on something comfortable, but I think changing up your style is important too. As we fall deeper into each season, my creativity for stylish outfits becomes stale and the hunt for inspiration is in order. Thankfully, Lawrence is full of cute boutiques that know style.

Elizabeth and I made our way to Eccentricity, 716 Massachusetts St., for some inspiration and, to be honest, it was difficult to find just a few outfits because of the variety in assortment. Everything from basic leg wear to bold party dresses was hanging from the racks, but I was able to pull a few looks that fit my style: a balance between casual and dressy.

I became fixated on an oversized anorak jacket with faux fur trim because that, to me, is the epitome of effortless casual style. Throw on skinny jeans, a T-shirt and an anorak jacket, and you’re set in my opinion.

That’s essentially what I did when I began to build an outfit around this jacket. A long-sleeve striped T-shirt adds a classic feel to the seemingly simple but still chic look. Beautifully tailored skinny jeans with no embellishment can, in some ways, make a statement. There are so many jeans out there with destroyed details, stitching and endless embellishment that they have almost become the standard denim these days. I’m not opposed to this style, but sometimes it’s refreshing to see a good old pair of plain denim. The pair that I found indefinitely fit that bill. I must add that they are exceptionally comfortable with just the right amount of stretch, and the price wouldn’t set you too far back either.

I love boutiques where you can find everything from basics to party-ready pieces. Eccentricity is a one-stop-shop for that, so I knew I could switch gears to elevate my look for any dressier occasion. I was presented with this generously sparkled tank top that was not only visually appealing to me, but right on trend for any holiday gathering. A classic black blazer complemented this dazzling number without being too business-like. Thanks to the versatility of a tank top and blazer combination, you could dress this up with a pair of simple black pointed-toe pumps, or go the casual route with a pair of boots.

— Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy are twin sisters and fashion bloggers who share a blog called Fashion Column Twins at They can be reached at