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100 years ago: KU students heading out of town for Christmas

December 18, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 18, 1913:

  • "Christmas vacation begins tomorrow noon. All classes at the university will close at this time for the two weeks period of rest and enjoyment.... Many of the students will hasten to their homes in various sections of the state and other states. The advance guard of the homeward bound student population leaves this evening, cutting the classes of the morrow. The main body of the university army moves out tomorrow afternoon and evening while the stragglers journey forth on Saturday. And there are some who must stay here during the two weeks. To these the Christmas time may not mean so much, but at any rate it is a rest from the studies on Mount Oread."
  • "W. A. Doss, formerly county attorney of Pratt county, Illinois, arrived last night to defend Chas. Bowman, alias Prof. Lynn, at his preliminary hearing tomorrow. Bowman, it appears, was afraid to trust any attorney in the city with his case, not because he doubted their ability but because he thought the whole town was against him. Mr. Doss denied the current report that Bowman would plead insanity at his trial. 'While Bowman was in a state of nervousness bordering on temporary insanity when I arrived this morning, it was not for the purposes of an insane plea at his trial,' said Mr. Doss. 'It was the first time he had ever been arrested and he was without friends and so was naturally frightened.... I as much as he am surprised that he should be arrested for operating a business which the city licenses. He did not know he was violating the law when he told fortunes here.... Bowman has lived in Monticello, Illinois, all his life. He and his wife have for years conducted a "Clairvoyant Parlor" in that city. Such things are very common there, and no one thinks them criminal for being in such a business.'... Ike Johnson, turnkey of the city jail, says Bowman is still very nervous. He has practically tasted no food since he was placed in jail Monday night. This morning he asked Mr. Doss questions about Monticello before he would believe he was really the attorney he had wired for."
  • "The slate wainscoting for the sides of the bath rooms in the new High School gymnasium arrived today and is being installed. The school authorities believe that the gymnasium, bath rooms and locker rooms will be in readiness for use immediately after the Christmas holidays."


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