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100 years ago: Lawrence fortune-teller arrested in Wichita

December 16, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 16, 1913:

  • "HIS OWN FUTURE NOW WORRYING HIM -- But Prof. Lynn, Clairvoyant, Doesn't Care To Talk. -- Prof. Lynn returned to Lawrence from Wichita last night. He was accompanied by W. J. Cummings, Jr., sheriff of Douglas county. The sheriff reports an unpleasant journey home, but Lynn has nothing to say.... Charles Bowman, alias Fay Hall, alias James Noel, alias Professor F. Lynn, is a clairvoyant. He had come to Wichita to get his mail and probably to make arrangements to open one more fortune teller's den there. He is wanted in Lawrence.... Margaret Scheetz, of Lawrence, alleges in her complaint against Bowman that he pretended to have supernatural powers and could tell the past and future. She alleges that he told her he was even able to influence persons in matters of love and that he promised to obtain for her a husband in three days, which he, of course, failed to do. Then he went away.... Sheriff Cummings says if they do not succeed in sending him to prison on the charge made by Miss Scheetz they have a still graver charge against him involving a member of one of the most respectable families in Lawrence."
  • "Dr. Sillard, an 'anatomical anomaly,' gave an interesting demonstration before the medic students of the University this morning in the chemistry lecture room. Dr. Sillard, who has unusual plastic tissues, threw several of the joints of his body out of place for the benefit of the students. He threw his shoulder blade out, his elbow, both hips in four different ways, and both ankle joints. Dr. Sillard has traveled over the United States and England giving demonstrations of this kind. He is 72 years old yet is able to move his joints back and forth with the facility of a 'rubber man.' The students took up a collection to pay for the demonstration. From here Dr. Sillard goes to California where he will give similar demonstrations."
  • "After hiding from the guards sixteen days within the walls of the Kansas penitentiary at Lansing, Dan Carney, whose escape from the prison was reported Nov. 30, was dragged from behind a condenser in the engine room today and returned to his cell. Carney had been supplied with food by confederates and had made several ineffectual attempts to escape."
  • "A Merry Christmas for everyone in Lawrence is the forecast of the Social Service League and other organizations that participate in the joyous labor of spreading Christmas cheer. Perhaps there is not the suffering and poverty in Lawrence that is a part of the life of the big city, but nevertheless, the committees that have been at work have found many cases where Good Fellows can do service.... The league has located a number of families that are in need.... Everywhere the league is meeting with hearty co-operation on the part of the people of Lawrence indicating that there are more Good Fellows here this season than ever before. The Good Fellow spirit is stronger than ever before and the forecast indeed is for a Merry Christmas.... The poor shall be happy in receiving and the Good Fellows receive even more pleasure from the giving."
  • "There is an effort being made to get the street on the north side paved from Bridge street to Dicker's store. The new bridge will make a thoroughfare very important and the residents over there are making a big effort to pull the paving through. There has been no paving on the north side of the river and the residents over there feel that it is a good investment for them."


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