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By 2050, 80 percent of the world's energy could be generated by renewable energy sources. Among the new sources of energy are wind turbines, like those at the Meridian Way Wind Farm in Cloud County. Renewable energy facing a headwind
December 16, 2013
In 2009, supporters of a bill to require an increase in the use of renewable energy said the proposal would make Kansas the “Saudi Arabia” of wind energy. Four years later, the political wind is blowing toward repealing or changing the law. By Scott Rothschild
10:23 a.m.
Benito Olivas-Yanez. Eudora couple’s home, since vacated, at center of multimillion-dollar meth conspiracy linked to Mexican cartels
December 16, 2013
Eighteen people are now each considered to have been part of a $7 million methamphetamine conspiracy linked by law enforcement officials to Mexican drug cartels. And at least three of them allegedly used a rural Douglas County property to produce the illegal drug. By Stephen Montemayor
12:23 p.m.
Charles Frager, manager at the artesian tea bar ManaBar, 1111 Massachusetts St., pours hot water to steep tea. Kansas University grads and owners Matthew Rader and Nathan Long opened the business in October. New downtown tea bar brings mellow mood to former convenience shop
December 16, 2013
Mellow music playing on a stereo inside ManaBar Artesian Teas, 1111 Massachusetts St., greets customers at the two-month-old store, opened in the former location of Curry In A Hurry.
4:29 p.m.
HItchhiking Group hopes to get City Hall help in promoting hitchhiking
December 16, 2013
A new nonprofit group is asking commissioners to rewrite a portion of the city’s traffic code to make it legal for people to join a sort of hitchhiking network, which supporters hope will become a reliable and convenient form of public transportation. By Chad Lawhorn
7:48 p.m.
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, talks about some of the issues of 2013 during an interview by the Lawrence Journal World on Monday, December 16, 2013. Brownback proposes fully funding all-day kindergarten
December 16, 2013
Gov. Sam Brownback on Monday proposed that the state provide $80 million over five years to fully fund all-day kindergarten. By Scott Rothschild

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