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100 years ago: Stray dog rescued from Kansas River

December 12, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 12, 1913:

  • "SAVED ON A DRIFT -- Now the Humane Society Has a Perfectly Good Dog on Hands. -- He was a black dog with shiny hair. He came down the river this morning riding on a bunch of drift wood. The wood neared the dam over which the muddy water was pouring with a roar, but the dog was not worried. He had never seen the dam, so why should he? The drift neared the dam slowly. Just as it appeared about to be precipitated over the waterfall the dog got uneasy, but suddenly the drift stopped. A branch protruding under the water had caught on the top of the dam. A woman saw the dog a few minutes later and notified the humane society. The society sent a man to rescue the dog. He is still being cared for by the society."
  • "Harry Beal, age 31, died this morning at his home, 839 New Hampshire street, of typhoid pneumonia, after an illness of a week. He had been employed to drive a street sprinkler for some time. He is survived by his wife, two children, his mother and several brothers and sisters. Announcement of the funeral will be made later."
  • "Lawrence is seeing herself this week. Three reels of Lawrence scenery and beauty are on display at the Grand Theater by the Fraternal Aid Association. The movie of Lawrence was shown yesterday to five large audiences and is being shown again today. Tonight the final show will be given.... These views include those made on the hill out at Haskell, down town, the city schools and the views taken during the F. A. A. General Council here. The pictures are a splendid advertisement for the city of Lawrence and Lawrence people were glad of the opportunity of seeing them and crowded the Grand Theater where they are being shown."
  • "Because she loved Clarence Stewart, Ethel Bell, a young colored woman, followed him to Lawrence yesterday evening, and because she loved him, she killed him. The final scene of this tragedy of love was enacted last night about 8 o'clock near the corner of Walnut street and Kansas avenue in North Lawrence. The woman fired one shot.... In her cell at the county jail Ethel Bell, remorseful and repentant, awaits trial on the charge of murdering the man whom she loved. She is a young woman and her home is in Kansas City. Stewart's home also was in Kansas City and the two were 'sweethearts' there.... It seems that they quarreled, Stewart did not seem to care as much for her as he once did, she thought. The quarrel led the two out into the street where it culminated when the woman took accurate aim with her revolver and fired the shot.... He was placed in an ambulance and brought across the river. After a prolonged search for a place to take the man Dr. Rudolph opened his hospital to him. It was here that he died this morning.... When told this morning that her shot had been fatal the woman gasped but then controlled herself. She told Turnkey Ike Johnson that she did not mean to kill him. She said that she intended to shoot him in the leg."


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