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100 years ago: Popular police officer struck by sudden illness

December 11, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 11, 1913:

  • "Charley Prentice is ill. Stricken with paralysis while on the street this morning the well known police officer was taken to his home where he is reported to be in a very critical condition. About nine o'clock this morning Mr. Prentice started to walk across the street at Eighth and Massachusetts. Those on the sidewalk saw him stagger and a moment later he fell on the fender of a street car standing on the corner. He was given medical attention and hastened to his home.... Everyone in Lawrence knows Charley Prentice. His long years of association with the police department of the city has made him a familiar figure about the city.... For a number of years he has been desk sergeant at the station and has not been seen on the streets as much as in former years. But everyone knows Charley Prentice and is grieved to know of his illness."
  • "The heaviest fog since the records of the weather bureau started twenty-five years ago enveloped both Kansas Citys last night and this morning, completely obliterating street car schedules, causing half a dozen street car and automobile collisions and making thousands late to the office and shop. Motormen under orders to disregard schedules entirely, pushed their cars through the white night clanging gongs and depending upon instinct to hit the stopping places. Several street cars and automobiles were damaged by collisions but no passengers were injured."
  • "Dr. James Naismith, head of the department of physical education of the University of Kansas, yesterday afternoon advanced the idea that children should not be taught to read and write before they are nine years old. Dr. Naismith made this statement before a meeting of the newly organized Mothers' Club of the Unitarian church."
  • "The proposed addition to the plant of the Lawrence Ice Company will be erected soon. It is proposed to increase the capacity of the present plant by ten tons per day. The addition will be built directly adjoining the present plant."
  • "Two Lawrence firms, the Starkweather Shoe Company and the Weaver Dry Goods Company, landed very good contracts at the semi-annual awarding by the state supply board yesterday."
  • "A new crisis in the city water situation was reached yesterday when the State Board of Health passed resolutions stating that the water being furnished the residents of Lawrence for domestic purposes was not sanitary and ordering the company to stop within thirty days the taking of water from the Kansas river except when needed for fire protection. 'The action of the board is the culmination of several months of poor service by the water company and not due to any recent investigation of the water being supplied,' said Prof. F. H. S. Bailey, state water analyst, today."


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