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100 years ago: Lawrence official suggests plan for protecting winter birds

December 9, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 9, 1913:

  • "'I notice that the Journal-World is ready to help all mankind and I am glad of it. I have another idea and hope you will exploit it,' said County Clerk Herman Broeker this morning. Mr. Broeker's idea is to take care of the birds. It is a rattling good idea that ought to have the co-operation of the people. The plan is simple. There are a lot of empty boxes in this town. There is also a manual training school where things are made. Now the students in the manual training school can agree to make the bird houses for the parks. There are three parks in this city and there are a lot of birds here during the winter that need attention. In fact most of them perish by spring. A list of the winter birds would astonish anyone.... Now the great danger is from squirrels and when the protection of birds is considered straight way people will say that the squirrels will nullify all the efforts. This can be guarded against. The bird houses can be placed on trees that stand by themselves. Underneath can be placed a tin band which will prevent the squirrels climbing up the trees.... Here is a plan that is workable and kind. It will protect the birds. Our people want to be humane and here is a chance for the boys in the manual training department to lend a hand.... Shall the birds of Lawrence be put in houses this winter and protected? Let us hear from the boys in the Manual Training school."
  • "'People are crying to me to prosecute Lynn, because he "fleeced" an innocent girl. I would rather prosecute the City of Lawrence for issuing licenses to such fakers,' declared County Attorney J. S. Amick today. No warrant was issued today for 'Prof. Lynn, the famous clairvoyant,' who last week obtained $35 from a young woman domestic after pretending that he would straighten out certain love affairs for her. 'The girl refuses to swear to the complaint and I shall not take up the prosecution unless she swears to a complaint,' said Mr. Amick. 'This office has enough to prosecute without hunting down men for crimes where the injured ones refuse to help by swearing to the complaint and testifying against the wrong-doer. The attitude of many people is enough to discourage any prosecuting attorney.'... Mr. Amick is not sure he could convict Lynn of obtaining money under false pretenses even if he were caught. 'While the case seems clear to the average mind, I have searched without finding a single case in which such a defendant was convicted. Once in 1876 Chief Justice Earl of the English courts held that it was a crime to obtain money for the use of supernatural powers, but there is no case in our courts.'"
  • "The Journal-World wants to call special attention to the proposition to house the birds in the three parks. Bird life is frozen out every winter. There are a lot of birds that attempt to winter here, but few of them get through. If the ones we have are kept in houses they can live. In addition to doing the fair thing by the birds, exercising our protection, we can help ourselves by propagating bird life. The manual training boys can easily handle the boxes and make them into houses. There are a lot of people who will see that the birds are fed in the real bad weather. The boxes will be put in place. This is a Christmas suggestion that is about the best we have heard. A lot of people are looking after the people, but no one is looking after the bids. Let us take up this suggestion made elsewhere in this paper and provide for the birds. We are their natural protectors."
  • "O. P. Leonard, for many years proprietor of a pantitorium at 733 1/2 Massachusetts street, has mysteriously disappeared from town. A number of student patrons of the place have complained of losses in pantitorium tickets and clothes. The whereabouts of Mr. Leonard is unknown."


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