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100 years ago: Post office reminds residents of rules for Christmas mail

December 7, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 7, 1913:

  • "No Christmas or other kind of stamp should be placed on the face of a letter or package, except the postage stamp. If colored stamps of any kind are desired, they should be placed upon the back of the letter or package, and not on the front where they will take the eye of the clerks through whose hands they pass. If the clerk has to glance at some stamp affixed to some part of the letter other than the right hand upper corner, it takes him long enough to throw two or three letters. The Postoffice Department has made an order that letters or packages having on the face any stamp resembling a postage stamp, or one that tends to distract the attention of the clerk handling the mail is not mailable.... In sending Christmas mail of any kind, it is permissible to write, print or stamp upon the face of the package, whether it is third or fourth class matter, the words 'Please Do Not Open Until Christmas,' or words of like import. Inscriptions such as 'Merry Christmas,' 'Happy New Year,' 'With Best Wishes,' and the like may be placed on fourth class packages, or upon cards in such packages."
  • "The subject of an ocean to ocean highway and the location of the same will be discussed at a special meeting of the Douglas County Good Roads and Automobile Association to be held at the Commercial Club rooms over the Merchants Bank.... The national association is planning an active campaign for good roads but is devoting special attention to an ocean to ocean route. This route has not yet been selected.... It is urged that all Lawrence people interested in the cause of good roads attend the meeting."
  • "Approximately five inches of rain have fallen within the past nine days, and average of over one-half an inch per day. This is the most remarkable record set for any similar period during the year and it is probable that it has not been equalled many times in the past half century during a corresponding length of time in December. During only two days in the last ten was the precipitation too small to be recorded and on both of these misty weather prevailed."


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