Lawrence and Douglas County

Lawrence and Douglas county

Lawrence City Commission agenda for Dec. 10 meeting

December 6, 2013



Commissioners will consider approving an agreement to allow the Lawrence Farmers Market to use a downtown parking lot for its Tuesday and Saturday markets in 2014.


The farmers market is seeking to use the same lot it has in past years — Lot 8 in the 800 blocks of New Hampshire and Rhode Island streets. The agreement would allow the market to use the lot each Saturday from 5 to 11 a.m. from April 12 through Nov. 22. It also would allow the lot to be used each Tuesday from 3 to 6 p.m from May 6 to Oct. 28.

Consent agenda

• Approve all claims.  The list of approved claims will be posted to the agenda the day after the City Commission meeting.

• Approve licenses as recommended by the City Clerk’s Office.    

• Approve appointments as recommended by the Mayor.

• Bid and purchase items:

 a) Award Bid #B1365 for gym equipment (48 bleachers and 40 benches for the recreation center at Rock Chalk Park) to the low bidder, Heartland Seating, Inc., for $45,225.  

 b) Approve the use of Mize Houser to conduct the 2013 annual financial audit, as well as up to four additional years, for a total of $43,100 for the 2013 audit.  

 c) Award the 2014 Coordinated Printing bid to Printing Solutions, in an amount not to exceed $35,000.  

 d) Authorize the City Manager to execute the Professional Services Agreement with Belinda Sturm for technical and professional services with respect to water and wastewater treatment processes for a total amount of $39,000.  

 e) Authorize the City Manager to Execute an Engineering Services Agreement in the amount of $243,478 with Black & Veatch for engineering and pipe assessment services related to Project UT1316 Concrete Watermain Assessment and authorize the execution of a purchase agreement with Hanson Pressure Pipe in the amount of $59,430.00 for the purchase and installation of 4 tapping saddle access points and one drain point on the concrete water transmission mains.  

 • Adopt on second and final reading, the following ordinances:

 a) Ordinance No. 8944, to rezone (Z-13-00401) approximately 1.95 acres from IG (General Industrial) District to CS (Strip Commercial) District, located at 1360, 1380, 1400, and 1410 N. Third St. (PC Item 1; approved 9-0 on 11/18/13)

 b) Ordinance No. 8945, to annex (A-13-00291) approximately 10.684 acres, located at 1338 East 1600 Road. (PC Item 2A; approved 8-0-1 on 11/18/13)

 c) Ordinance No. 8946, to rezone (Z-13-00291) approximately 10.684 acres from County A (Agricultural) District to RM15 (Multi-Dwelling Residential) District, located at 1338 East 1600 Road. (PC Item 2B; approved 8-0-1 on 11/18/13)

 d) Ordinance No. 8947, establishing No Parking 7am–6pm Monday–Friday along the south side of Overland Drive from Champion Lane and provide sufficient sight distance where appropriate, east 1,225 feet (TSC item #3; approved 8-0 on 11/4/13).

• Adopt Resolution No. 7051, declaring the boundaries of the City of Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas.  

• Approve lighting plans for exterior lighting at Rock Chalk Park and the City Recreation Center as required by a condition of approval with Special Use Permit, SUP-12-00225.    

• Authorize the City Commission to execute the agreement with Airport Development Group for engineering services for airport improvements in an amount of $39,500.  

• Authorize the Mayor to sign the necessary Kansas Department of Transportation forms committing the city of Lawrence’s match for two Transportation Enhancement projects: the Breezedale Monuments Restoration and the Haskell Rail Trail project.  

 • Receive city manager's report.

 Regular agenda

 • Consider approving an agreement with the Lawrence Farmers Market allowing the use of City Parking Lot 8 (800 blocks of New Hampshire and Rhode Island streets) on Tuesdays and Saturdays during the 2014 Farmers Market season.    

• Consider adopting on first reading, Joint City Ordinance No. 8948/County Resolution No. 13-32, establishing the Douglas County Food Policy Council as a joint city/county advisory body, and receive 2013 Common Ground Program Report.  

• Receive Cultural District Task Force Final Report.

 • Consider adopting Resolution No. 7052, exempting certain City buildings from the provisions of Senate Substitute for House Bill 2052, until Jan. 1, 2018, and consider authorizing the Mayor to notify the Kansas Attorney General and the Lawrence Police Department of the City’s exemption.    

• Consider motion to recess into executive session for 30 minutes for the purpose of discussing possible acquisition of real estate.  The justification for the executive session is keeping possible terms and conditions of real estate acquisition confidential at this time.  The City Commission will resume their meeting in the city commission room at the conclusion of the executive session.