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100 years ago: Lawrence appears on the silver screen

December 5, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 5, 1913:

  • "Lawrence will have an opportunity of seeing herself on next Thursday and Friday when the pictures taken here during the recent Fraternal Aid Convention will be shown at the Grand Theater. The movie show of Lawrence is a three reel production. It shows the town, the University, Haskell Institute, the public school children and other views of interest. The pictures have been shown in a number of cities in the state and have been witnessed by crowds. Lawrence now is to have an opportunity of seeing herself."
  • "The lack of parental control and the desecration for the home is one of the chief causes for the degeneracy of our environment according to John W. Rushton of Independence, Mo., who spoke in chapel at the University this morning. The spirit of the home should be the spirit of paternalism and maternalism, he said.... The speaker deplored the fact that a recent census showed that there were two million childless homes in this country."
  • "Denver, Colorado, awakened today to find all the traffic blocked by more than two feet of snow. Trains were unable to move from the stations. Service on most of the roads is abandoned with the hope that plows might be able later to open a pathway. The schools are desolate as in mid-summer. The snow continued falling with little prospect of abatement."
  • "A charge of conducting a skating rink without having a city license was preferred against David Babb on Saturday night and the rink in the auditorium on south Massachusetts street was closed shortly after it opened on Saturday evening. Mr. Babb this morning in police court pleaded guilty to the charge and paid a fine amounting to $10.50."
  • "Joseph E. Howard, musical comedy star, song writer, manager and owner, and a Lawrence boy, was entertained in his home town today. Tonight Joe will entertain his home folks with his production of the 'Broadway Honeymoon' at the Bowersock Theater. Of course Joe was glad to be at home again, he is always glad to be back home, with his home folks and amid the familiar scenes. But when he was seen by a reporter he was more anxious about 'A Broadway Honeymoon' and about show business than the affairs of his boyhood days spent in Lawrence."
  • "Joplin, Mo. -- Because Michael Kincannon, a patrolman on the police force, told the wife of a leading Joplin citizen to 'go home and get some clothes on' when he saw her on the street wearing a slit skirt, his resignation was demanded by Chief of Policy Myers Coates. Complaint against the patrolman's order to the woman was filed with the police yesterday by her husband. Kincannon said he did not know who the woman was when he spoke to her, and that she was 'wearing a skirt that exposed her leg to the knee.'"
  • "President Wilson has the grippe. The cold is in his nose and throat. Dr. Grayson ordered him to remain in bed. His engagements were canceled and the president will be confined to his room tomorrow and possibly Sunday."


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