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Kansas making a play for Boeing plant as Missouri legislators meet in special session

December 2, 2013


— Kansas is making a pitch to persuade the Boeing Co. to brings its new 777X jet plant to the state.

"We're back in it," said Gov. Sam Brownback recently. "We're going to take a shot at it. I don't know if we are going to be able to get anywhere."

In Missouri, Gov. Jay Nixon called a special legislative session starting today to approve an economics incentive package to lure Boeing.

"Building this next-generation commercial aircraft in Missouri would create thousands of jobs across our state and secure our position as a hub for advanced aerospace manufacturing — and that's why I am committed to competing for and winning this project," Nixon said.

Kansas officials were tight-lipped about any proposals they were working on.

Eileen Hawley, a spokeswoman for Brownback, would say only that Kansas has "world-class aviation capability" and would be an excellent location for the plant.

Boeing initially offered to build its 777X in Washington state but sought concessions from union machinists. After the union rejected a proposed contract, Boeing started considering other locations. Officials in Washington still plan to compete, and the state approved a package of tax breaks valued at $9 billion through 2040 during a November special session.

Several other states have reportedly made proposals. Boeing has said it would make a decision early next year.

Last year, Boeing stunned Kansas officials when it decided to relocate all of its Wichita operations to various locations outside Kansas, affecting 2,100 employees.

At that time, Brownback said the decision was "very disappointing to all of us. Dedication and hard work of generations of Kansans built the success that the Boeing company enjoys today."


Joshua Montgomery 4 years, 6 months ago

Title should be "Kansas Continues Race to the Bottom"

Here is an idea - instead of spending our tax dollars trying to attract outside companies, why don't we use those dollars to encourage entrepreneurship and grow Kansas businesses?

The State could leverage its money by underwriting low interest loans, setting up accelerators and (most importantly) recruiting outside capital for Kansas businesses.

Washington state is providing $9 Billion. Why not spend 1/10th of that here in Kansas on small companies (under 15 employees)?

This type of "economic development" doesn't work, doesn't benefit taxpayers and doesn't create jobs. It makes the rich richer at the expense of much needed services for the poor.

Bob Zimmerman 4 years, 6 months ago

This is a joke, right?

Boeing will not located this 777 project in Wichita. It will go to existing sites that have the billions of existing infrastructure: STL, Long Beach, San Antonio, or Wash state.

The state of Kansas is minor league compared to other states when going after these projects. Besides, Wichita is a dreadful place and that's why Boeing pulled jobs out of there.

Brownback's ED policy is a race to the bottom and Boeing knows that does not bode well for attracting and training engineering talent.

But...Brownback's policy will work quite well for meat packing plants and plastic injection molding operations in which $8.00 and hour is a good deal for those poor souls in small town Kansas. And they pay less income taxes! Oh boy!

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