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100 years ago: Temperature drops more than 50 degrees overnight

August 29, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 29, 1913:

  • "Thanks, Mr. Weather Man. Yes, it was a lovely night and Lawrence sure had a good sound sleep again. Know how cold it was? Yes, it was cold, not cool. Remember when you woke up some time during the night and felt chilled all over and made a hurry-up trip to the closet to locate some more covers to restore comfort to your shivering frame? Well, it was just 46 1/2 degrees above zero at that particular time. You may not remember what time it was, the chances are that you didn't look at the clock, the weather man doesn't know the exact hour either but his instruments this morning told him that the minimum for the night was 46 1/2, just 57 1/2 degrees below the Maximum of the day before.... Yes, this time the weather man made good and his statement that it was going to be 'much cooler' last night was not in the least exaggerated. It was so much cooler that Lawrence started the night under covers and before the night had passed and getting-up time arrived there was a general scramble for more. If the weather man can keep it up for a while now the town will get thoroughly rested up and life will be more worth living."
  • "Mrs. E. S. Blakeley, 908 E. Morris street, has appealed to the Lawrence police department to aid her in locating her husband who has been missing from his home for some time. Recently Mr. Blakeley is said to have gone to Carthage, Mo., to do some work. Some time afterward he telegraphed that he was coming home but he has failed to appear. Mrs. Blakeley is worried over his continued absence and has asked aid of the police."
  • "A painful and almost dangerous accident happened last evening at Woodland Park when George Lamb fell and severed the artery in his wrist on a piece of loose glass. The wound bled freely for a few minutes until it was stopped by pressure and the boy was hurried to town for a physician. The wound was dressed and is doing nicely."


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