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25 years ago: New LMH program helps ease children’s fears of doctor visits

August 28, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 28, 1988:

  • A new program was designed to help Lawrence children overcome some of their anxieties about going to the doctor. Lawrence Memorial Hospital was hosting the "Cabbage Patch Clinic" every Saturday afternoon, when children could bring their dolls or stuffed animals along with them while getting vision or dental exams and other health checks. While parents were picking up information on local wellness options, the children could bring their toys to special stations for their own care. One little boy was described taking his stuffed dragon for a "shot" from the nurse, who then carefully placed a bandage on the dragon's furry green leg. Another child brought her doll to Dr. Vernon Branson, who was able to immediately diagnose and treat her in spite of the lack of visible injuries. "They're having a whale of a time," Dr. Branson said of the children. "They're kind of transposing themselves into real caretakers. They come in very seriously, and if you draw them out, they're very willing to tell you about their child's injuries. And then they're very happy when you effect an immediate cure ... which is very easy with a doll." Parents were happy to see their children leaving their appointments in good spirits.
  • The number of people in the Kansas-Oklahoma region who were banking their own blood for later use had risen 105 percent during the past year. Between July 1, 1986, and June 30, 1987, 824 pints of blood had been drawn for later use, such as surgery, by donors. The latest figures showed 1,692 pints for self donation during the past year. Fear of infectious diseases such as AIDS was probably the reason, according to Kalen Larson, assistant director of the office of information for the regional headquarters of the American Red Cross in Wichita.


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