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100 years ago: Officials to crack down on drivers without license plates

August 28, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 28, 1913:

  • "Persons owning automobiles in Kansas without tags are in direct danger of the law beginning today. The state has been lenient with delinquent license procurers to date. Charles Sessions has directed a letter to the mayor of every Kansas city asking that the police departments be instructed to co-operate with the state in rounding up persons who have escaped the automobile license payments. 'There is no reason why an auto or motorcycle owner should not either have a tag on his machine or a receipt from the county treasurer showing that he has applied for one,' says the letter. 'Not only because it is the law but in justice to those who have already complied, the delinquents should be rounded up at once and made to pay their licenses.'"
  • "The Board of Administration is making a campaign for better water in all of the college towns of the state of Kansas. The Board opened this campaign here last Monday at a session at the University but the action is not to be limited to Lawrence, the cities of Manhattan and Emporia are to be called upon to better conditions. In this campaign the Board of Administration has joined forces with the State Board of Health which recently ordered a number of cities to take some steps toward securing better water for drinking purposes. It was found by the board that impure water was being pumped into the mains in a number of cities and these cities were instructed to clean up at once. The college towns were named in this list and the Board of Administration has joined in the campaign in these cities.... One of the direct results of this conference on Monday was a change in the method of treating the water at the plant here. The hypochloride treatment is to be applied nearer to the point where the water enters the city mains. It is hoped that in this way it will be possible to reduce the bacteria count in the water and insure purity at all times."
  • "'Much cooler tonight,' was the cheerful message sent from the weather man to Kansas today. His message was followed by the information from the hill that the temperature this afternoon was only 95 above while yesterday it had been up to 104. The prospect of cooler weather sounds good following a night that was rather sleepless in many instances.... Persons who had moved back into their houses last night hastily left for the front porch and the lawn swing, and at that it wasn't a very good night."


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