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40 years ago: Busy week in municipal court

August 27, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 27, 1973:

  • Twenty speeding motorists had paid $261 in three separate sessions of the Lawrence Municipal Court in the previous week. (No court had been held Thursday and Friday due to the illness of Judge George Catt.) The week ending Aug. 17 showed 39 persons convicted of speeding, with fines of $458. Ten others had been convicted of traffic violations, with fines totaling $93; three had been convicted of making illegal turns and three of driving with expired tags. The remaining four convictions were for a stop sign violation, illegal backing, driving on a sidewalk, and having an expired driver's license. Two non-traffic convictions in the municipal court also were entered -- a $45 fine for indecent exposure and a $50 fine for petty larceny. No jail sentences had been imposed last week.
  • Apartment occupancy in Lawrence had improved compared to 12-18 months ago, according to Jack Brand, attorney for the Apartment Owners Association. The last poll showed 90.2 percent occupancy, compared to a poll in April revealing 76.5 percent. Building had remained low this year.


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