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Where did Go go?

August 26, 2013


Beginning this week, the Go section will be replaced by a new Thursday section called CheckOut, devoted to helping readers find the best products and deals in Lawrence. Each week, CheckOut will spotlight new offerings at Lawrence merchants, the best in fashion, tips for improving your home and garden and things to do.

CheckOut’s regular features will include:

• Features on local businesses and the people who run them, shopping trends and people who love to shop.

• Mrs. Mass., a column by local blogger Jessica Pauly that tracks urban living and the best shopping and deals in Lawrence.

• The Fashion Column Twins, an illustrated look at what’s chic by Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy.

• Off the Beaten Buy, a column spotlighting quirky items unique to Lawrence stores.

• The Garden Calendar by Jennifer Smith, your guide to growing the best flowers and plants and taking care of your yard.

• Celebrity Fashion Fusion, helping you copy the latest celebrity trends with affordable Lawrence finds.

In addition, popular Go features such as Style Scout and Fix-It Chick will now appear on Thursdays in CheckOut. The DoubleTake column has moved to Tuesday’s WellCommons section, and Delicious/Nutritious can be found in the Wednesday Food section.

We hope you’ll check out the new CheckOut section and that it proves to be an invaluable guide to getting the best out of Lawrence. Please let us know what you think: The section’s email address is Thanks!


Sherry Warren 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Style scout is a popular feature? I weep for the future. And the present.


Silver 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Glad go is gone. After first time it was delivered, it never made it past the re-cycling bin in garage. must less into the living room.


buteaa 7 months, 3 weeks ago

"Mrs. Mass., a column by local blogger Jessica Pauly that tracks urban living and the best shopping and deals in Lawrence."... a blogger that I can't find any information on, anywhere.

Wheres this person's blog cause now I'm curious.


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