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25 years ago: Presidential candidate’s family member visits Lawrence

August 26, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 26, 1988:

  • Lisa Dukakis, daughter-in-law of Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis, spoke enthusiastically about the Hilltop Child Development Center after a visit to Kansas University this morning. "This is an excellent child care center," Dukakis said after taking an hour-long tour as part of her second campaign visit to Kansas. She told reporters that she was concerned about a tremendous shortage of quality, affordable, and accessible child care in the United States.
  • Meanwhile, Republican vice presidential candidate Dan Quayle was facing accusations of having tweaked his official Senate resume. The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer said that Quayle had held an entry-level research assistant position at the time that he claimed to have been "chief investigator for the Consumer Protection Division of the Indiana attorney general's office from 1970-1971." Quayle press secretary David Prosperi insisted, "He held the office. He worked his way up to that position and that's that.... The important thing is that he held the job. He didn't make it up," he added after being questioned on how many months Quayle had held the job. The Plain Dealer countered with the fact that the consumer protection division hadn't even existed in 1970, and that Quayle had already gone to work in the governor's office when it was official opened. "He just helped set it up," said Robert E. Lybrook, who had become the chief investigator when the division officially opened for business in September 1971. "He wasn't chief of anything when he went over there," added M. Stanton Evans, a former editor at the Indianapolis News who had arranged Quayle's job interview with then-Atty. Gen. Theodore L. Sendak.


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