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Commissioners approve rezoning at East Hills Business Park

August 20, 2013


Lawrence city commissioners Tuesday night cleared the way for anything from a convenience store to a daycare to develop near the entrance of the East Hills Business Park.

Commissioners unanimously approved a rezoning request for about 5 acres of property immediately west of the main Kansas Highway 10 entrance for the East Hills Business Park.

The new limited industrial zoning designation will still allow several types of industrial uses, but it also will allow uses such as a convenience store, a fast-food restaurant, a daycare business or other similar service-related businesses.

Longtime Lawrence businessman Steve Glass is part of the ownership group for the property. He said the group has no plans to develop the property but likely will try to sell it to a group interested in providing services to the East Hills Business Park and former Farmland Industries site that is adjacent to East Hills.

Glass and his partners have owned the property for about 25 years. It has been difficult to develop with a traditional industrial use because of the small size of the property and its steep topography, he said.


oneeye_wilbur 7 months, 4 weeks ago

Optimist, maybe you can explain why KU endowment got a small parcel that was supposedly overlooked, uh huh, right next to the rail line and behind Amarr, so now what is the status on that?

Hard to believe the engineers and surveyors overlooked it, cause they did not.

Who are the players in the not for profit group? The group profiting from the taxpayers?


oneeye_wilbur 7 months, 4 weeks ago

Optimist, the public taxpayers bought that land. The public paid for the infrastructure, so now one is finding out that since 1988 right after Wilma miller sold the land that Glassis one of the private partners. The public private partnership is not very public.

The Douglas county taxpayers paid $750,000 for that farm and now Glass and who else is profiting? Not the original purchasers.

It is not much different than the reccenter scheme, the airport.

That optimist is why? What is your interest? Are you profiting at the expense of the taxpayers? Just wondering?


Drone 8 months ago

"There has not been that much interest in East Hills which is why there is still vacancies"

What vacancies are you referring to? I am only aware of one vacant building in the park. The rest of the buildings are filled. The business in the park seem to be doing pretty well, providing many decent jobs for the people of Lawrence. Both skilled and unskilled.


optimist 8 months ago

Why is it any other persons business what he paid for it and what he profits from its sale? Really?


JudgeJoeBrown 8 months ago

I'm confused by the animosity towards the East Hills business park on this and other threads. How do you think Lawrence will create jobs with nowhere to put the facilities those jobs will be in? There is one vacant building in the business park, even that one gets use from temporary tenants.


oneeye_wilbur 8 months ago

So, glass is one of the private partners in East Hills.? Where is the public's profit in East Hills?

Bet the Journal World won't reveal what Glass paid and the partners paid for the land.


Richard Heckler 8 months ago

There has not been that much interest in East Hills which is why there is still vacancies. Obviously there will be site plans within a week.


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