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Neighbors speak out about Sunday morning shooting

August 18, 2013


Lawrence resident Amy Li was in her apartment Sunday morning when she and her husband heard three gunshots within close proximity.

The two dropped to the ground and made sure to keep away from windows. Then, they grabbed the phone and dialed 911. Amy’s husband talked to dispatch, giving the operator their location in the 2300 block of Murphy Drive between 23rd and 24th streets.

“It was centered around that building,” Li said, pointing at the apartment complex directly across from hers.

Lawrence police are still investigating after one person was shot around 1:25 Sunday morning. Initial reports indicated that the shooter called police to report that he had just shot a subject who was attempting to break into his vehicle.

Dispatchers said they received numerous 911 calls, like Li’s, reporting gunshots heard in the vicinity. Lawrence Police Department’s call log shows 18 units were assigned to the call.

“Cops were just surrounding the block,” Li said.

The shooting victim, described only as a 20-year-old man, ran from the scene and was located by police in the 2300 block of Ridge Court.

Li said she saw two officers take off after a figure and return with him shortly after.

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical crews report the shooting victim's injuries to be serious but not immediately life-threatening. He reportedly has wounds on his right side, including his shoulder and arm. Medics transported the man to Lawrence Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Witnesses told Operation 100 News on Sunday that they heard three shotgun blasts, which were fired from a second-floor apartment. The shotgun is said to have been firing birdshot shells.

An occupant of an apartment on the same floor as the shooter’s said he heard three loud bangs and saw several police officers at the shooter’s apartment door soon after.

The shooter declined to comment Sunday.

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