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40 years ago: Lawrence residents have mixed feelings after Nixon’s speech

August 16, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 16, 1973:

In a speech to the nation on the previous night, President Nixon again claimed that he was not involved in the Watergate scandal and asked that U.S. citizens "turn Watergate over to the courts where the questions of guilty or innocence belong." A quick survey of 10 Lawrence residents this morning revealed that six of them had not changed their critical opinion of the President in spite of his speech. "I was disappointed -- I didn't think he said anything different, " said Diana Almon, and Carole Schwarm added, "I feel sorry for him, even though I hate him." Nixon supporter Calvin Hillers opined, "I think I kind of decided that Nixon's trying to do right. Maybe he had some bad help, but I'm pretty much for him.... I became a little skeptical for a while, but I really think he's trying to do the best for the nation." However, even some of his supporters agreed that Nixon should turn over his office tapes, with one saying that "if there is nothing in them to convict him I don't see way he won't release them." Almost all of those interviewed were against impeachment, with one respondent stating that the President had done a good job in office in spite of the Watergate scandal. Lastly, a few of those questioned admitted that they were beginning to have trouble keeping track of the ins and outs of the complex situation. "When you've watched this far along you can't recollect where it started," admitted one resident.


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