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100 years ago: Eudora raid: Sheriff discovers plenty of beer, but no people

August 15, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 15, 1913:

  • "Beer right out on the table with the tops removed and glasses close by greeted Sheriff Cummings and a squad of Douglas county officers yesterday evening when they entered a house on the east side of the city of Eudora. The front door was open and the sheriff and his party simply walked in, as perhaps many another person had done during the day. If they had thought to bring along the cheese and crackers, et al., they might have had a nice little party right there in a cool comfortable place. Well, the officers had come to Eudora looking for beer but that was not the goal of their search. They also sought the proprietor of the place, but he was not to be found, in fact it was rather poor service and an inhospitable greeting which the sheriff and his party received at the picnic city yesterday afternoon. The owner of the goods had taken the tip and is still enjoying his freedom.... Complaint came to the sheriff's office yesterday evening that one Ed Deck was doing a flourishing business in wet goods yesterday a short distance from the picnic grounds. The sheriff cranked his car and loading it with Deputy Sheriff Schneck, County Attorney, Amick and Justice Wilson proceeded toward the scene of the merchandising. Arriving in Eudora the party advanced upon the alleged joint, entered and found themselves right in the middle of one of the coolest and nicest little lunch rooms that they had ever dreamed of in Kansas. But it was only evidence that they obtained for their trip. They found half a dozen open bottles sitting upon the table in the room and later located half a dozen full ones. A warrant has been issued for Deck, but thus far it has not been served upon him."
  • "W. A. Hamilton, formerly of Lawrence, but now milk inspector for Kansas City, was in Lawrence today. Mr. Hamilton visits all farms which supply milk to Kansas City, makes tests and approves or condemns the supply, according to the results of the test. No milk is allowed to arrive in Kansas City which has not passed the test.... Mr. Hamilton has covered almost the entire state of Kansas in the last few weeks. He declares that conditions are growing serious because of the drouth and heat. The farmers in the southwest are suffering from a lack of water for their stock."
  • "The chinch bugs are all dead. That is one thing which the dry weather and the heat have accomplished which doesn't call for complaint. The bugs were unable to stand the blistering sun and were killed off in great swarms by the heat. It is an effective way of ridding the country of the pesky little bugs but it is likewise an expensive method."
  • "A perfectly good rain passed over Lawrence yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock. It was from Topeka and on its way somewhere, supposedly Douglas county, but evidently the clouds had emptied themselves in the capital city for when they arrived here they were sailing high in the sky and did not turn loose a single drop of moisture. It was about 3:30 when the first of the clouds began to appear, the sky was darkened, the sun disappeared from view and a breeze sprang up. There was a drop in the temperature and everyone believed that relief was near at hand at last. but it was merely a tantalizer that failed to make good. It was a great disappointment and added to the belief that 'It simply can't rain.' However, the night was slightly cooler as a result of this, but just the same the front porch was the best location for a sleeping place that could be found last night."


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