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100 years ago: After 35 years of passing through town, train conductor finally visits Mass Street

August 12, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for August 12, 1913:

  • "In Lawrence 10,000 times and never up town. That is the record of Dan Shafer, conductor on the Ottawa plug of the Santa Fe who appeared on Massachusetts last night for the first time in over thirty-five years. For thirty-one years Mr. Shaffer has made a run on the Santa Fe that took him through Lawrence every day. For the last ten years he has been conductor on the Ottawa local and has spent over an hour in the city every day except Sunday, but until yesterday he had never been up town.... 'This is more of a town than I supposed, quite a city in fact,' said Shaffer last night as he looked down Massachusetts. 'I was in Lawrence once about thirty-five years ago, and was on this street but have never been on it since. It has changed a great deal since that. I've often thought I'd run up and take a look while I was laying over here waiting for my train to start on the return trip to Ottawa but this is the first time since I started running through Lawrence thirty-one years ago that I have ever been any farther up town than the Santa Fe station.'"
  • "It wasn't so warm here today, only 103 according to the official figures from the hill. This figure is two whole degrees below the record and it is a degree colder than it was yesterday. Last night the sky became overcast with clouds and there was every evidence of a real rain at last. But the clouds passed on over without shedding a drop and today there weren't even the clouds."
  • "Now if there is anybody who wishes to know for sure whether it rained last night all they have to do is ask one Eugene Mattice, a summer school student, or Miss ____ _________ [sic], likewise a summer school student and the query will undoubtedly be answered with a vengeance. It so happened that about seven o'clock last night, owing to the sultriness of the air and the extreme loveliness of the moon, two weary and over-worked summer school students, namely Mr. Eugene Mattice and Miss ___ _______, decided to enjoy the coolness and restfulness of the cool and quiet river. After landing safely at the upper end of the island up the Kaw and enjoying the exercise necessary to reach this position it was suggested that they return. (It is supposed that the suggestion originated in the mind of Miss ___ _______.) Anyway they started and wishing to change the scenery to some extent they decided to try and come down the north channel. Now really they should have known better, for this part of the river can hardly be called a channel at this time of the year.... To make a long story short 'Bill' Bacon received a telephone call about three from 'Herbie' Coleman to the effect that Eugenia had not yet returned and that he should worry. Herbie thought that it would be well for them to investigate. They gathered up two more would-be heroes and started up the river in search of the missing pair. 'Well -- go on Mr. Mattice.' 'They found us where we had been since the 'night before' STRANDED ON A SANDBAR with one oar busted and nothing but our tempers left.' They were towed in to the landing by the rescuers and came in sight of their respective homes about 4:30."
  • "The resignation of Leonard Frank as assistant football coach at Kansas University leaves the situation here very much up in the air. Pre-season interest in football, as a result of his resignation, now centers in the selection of a successor to the Minnesotan. But the solution of the question is a difficult one. The time for the opening of the practice season is only a month away and thus the time for locating an efficient man is short. Further complications arise from the fact that both Coach Arthur St. Leger Mosse and Manager W. O. Hamilton, the two men most concerned in the selection of the new man, are both out of town."


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