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100 years ago: Committee seeks brick-and-mortar survivors of Quantrill’s Raid

August 9, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for August 9, 1913:

  • "Among the survivors of the Quantrell Raid and Massacre that are to be remembered at the memorial exercises this month are the buildings that passed through the raid and still remain in Lawrence. The committee is making every effort to locate all of these old buildings and has already found a number of them. But there are others and the committee asks the co-operation of the citizens in locating the remainder so that all of them can be suitably marked by the date of the memorial."
  • "Mayor Bond this morning sounded a warning which should be taken at its full value by Lawrence people. The continued drouth, the heat and the wind cause a serious condition to exist just now, but there is an added factor which makes matters much worse -- the water shortage. Four fires were reported yesterday and the water supply was heavily drawn upon. Another fire broke out but was extinguished without the aid of the fire department. Five fires in less than 24 hours is something entirely new in Lawrence, and it brings the city face to face with the proposition of a serious fire loss unless extreme precaution is exercised to avoid these fires. Had one of these blazes occurred in the business district and obtained any headway, heavy losses would no doubt have been incurred. Mayor Bond's warning is a very opportune one and should demand careful consideration."
  • "RELIEF IS PROMISED: Weather Forecast for Kansas -- Thunderstorms tonight or tomorrow. Cooler. -- Today was a warm one in Lawrence.... The promise of rain caused a rise in spirits here today and the precipitation will be heartily welcome when it comes.... The Wichita churches will offer up prayer tomorrow for rain. At a meeting of pastors here today the move was inaugurated. The call asks that as many churches as possible join and requests that the Christians singly keep up the prayers for rain until rain comes."
  • "John Houck is adding some new improvements to his barber shop in the 900 block on Massachusetts street. He is obtaining more space and is planning on putting in some more chairs as well as fixing up a smoking room."
  • "Lawrence is to have two big bargain days, August 22 and 23. On these days the shoppers who come to this city will obtain such bargains at the Lawrence stores as they have never been able to secure here before. Lawrence merchants are anxious to get the people to come to this city, and they are to make handsome inducements on these two special days. The Journal-World and the local merchants are co-operating in this scheme, which has proven to be very successful in other cities where it has been tried. The idea of this sale is to make a special effort to bring people to Lawrence to trade during what is known as the dull season.... The Journal-World has arranged to have a plentiful supply of ice cold lemonade and will serve it free to all visitors to the office on those two days. A competent young man will be in charge to see that every one is supplied.... The Patee and Oread Theaters, with splendid co-operation offer the use of their theaters free during the afternoons of August 22 and 23 until the hour of 6 p.m. to all visitors from the surrounding country and towns. The Merchants' Association will advertise its regular rebate proposition for the return of railway fares and arrangements will be made to meet certain trains without cost to the visitors."


George_Braziller 4 years, 7 months ago

Was the list of brick and mortar survivors ever completed? It would be really interesting to see the original list and compare it to one now to see how many are still standing 100 years later.

Sarah St. John 4 years, 7 months ago

There was an interim list in that day's edition which I will post this evening (sorry it can't be sooner than that). Stay tuned if you can! :-)

George_Braziller 4 years, 7 months ago

I'll keep checking back because I've been searching for a list like this for YEARS.

George_Braziller 4 years, 7 months ago

Been staying tuned. Still no interim list or link to the original print source.

Sarah St. John 4 years, 7 months ago

Keep in mind that this is just as it appeared in the 8/9/1913 newspaper and that there might have been some typos in the original. (I hope not, though.) Here you go:

"The Committee of Seventeen met last night at the city library and discussed further plans for the observance of the day. The chief subject was the old buildings and a list of those known has been compiled as follows:

Dr. Bumgardner's house, 724 Vermont.

Col. Moore's house, corner Miss. and Henry [Eighth].

Mrs. Lowman's house, 841 Miss. St.

The Speer house in east Lawrence.

Brick house, corner Berkeley [Tenth] and Kentucky.

Mrs.Neal's house, 1007 R. I.

1604 R. I.

QPRW, 1004 Vermont.

104 Vermont, ( )

Brick house west of park, where H. D. Fisher lived.

Brick house, corner N. H. and Berkeley [Tenth].

Luddington house, 600 block Conn.

White frame house, about 700 Ohio.

Brick house in 900 block R. I.

Mr. Jaedicke's house, corner Indiana and Henry [Eighth].

Frame house next to M. E. Church.

Stone house, 1000 block Mass. St. east side.

Mrs. Hettich's house, 900 block Vermont St.

700 block N. Y. St, east side.

Third house north of Henry [Eighth], west side of Conn.

Part of Mrs. Hutching's house, 700 block R. I.

Wm. Miller's house, East Banks.

Residence occupied by Rev. Paddock in 600 block Conn. St., north of Luddington house."

Sarah St. John 4 years, 7 months ago

The only ones I had time to check on tonight:

724 Vermont isn't there anymore (phone company building across from the library)

Col Moore, 8th and Miss -- Not sure if anything on that corner is old enough

"Mrs. Lowman's house, 841 Miss. St." -- might be where the Kwik Shop is now?

John Speer's homestead was where Hobbs Park is now, I think? But the Murphy-Bromelsick house that was relocated to that site in 2000 isn't his old house, is it? I don't think it is, because it was built in 1866.

"Brick house, corner Berkeley [Tenth] and Kentucky" must be that nice little brick house with the yellow door, on the NW corner?

"Mrs. Neal's house, 1007 R. I." -- still there I think

"QPRW, 1004 Vermont" -- not at all sure what that stood for, but I think that might be where the tire place is now

"104 Vermont, ( )" -- wondering if that's a typo in the original, because it's so similar to the one above it, and also because I don't think the numbers on Vermont went down that far

"Brick house west of park, where H. D. Fisher lived" -- Well, that's anyone's guess! They don't even say which park. I'm going to guess Central (now Watson) park but I don't know which house.

"Brick house, corner N. H. and Berkeley [Tenth]" -- nope, nothing on that corner qualifies.

"Luddington house, 600 block Conn." -- possibly a typo; there was a Ludington family in Lawrence in the early days, but the only Ludington house I can find is the one at 1613 Tennessee.

"White frame house, about 700 Ohio" -- a bit vague; there's a nice big frame house at that corner but I don't know if it's as old as that. It looks a little too large for that era (but maybe it was added on to later.) Or maybe it's a different house entirely and the old one is gone.

"Brick house in 900 block R. I." -- Ooooo, one of my favorite blocks in all of Lawrence; I try to park near there every Farmers' Market morning just so I can walk down that block! There are at least two brick houses on the east side of that block that I can think of, and either one looks like it could be old enough.

"Mr. Jaedicke's house, corner Indiana and Henry [Eighth]" -- big brick house near 745 Ind. or so? Maybe added on to post-Raid?

"Frame house next to M. E. Church" -- ?

"Stone house, 1000 block Mass. St. east side" -- no houses at 10th and Mass now.

George_Braziller 4 years, 7 months ago

The M.E. (Methodist) church was on Vermont. The location is now occupied by that horribly ugly monstrosity of a tower across the street from what (I hope) will once again become the permanent location of the public library.

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