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100 years ago: National Guard soldiers return to Lawrence

August 2, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for August 2, 1913:

  • "H Company, Lawrence soldiers in the National Guards, returned to Lawrence yesterday after a twelve days' encampment at Fort Riley. The local company was detained two days longer than the other companies of the state as it was kept on duty during the shoot at the Fort Riley range. The local boys all declare that they had a great time and the most of them were glad of the opportunity of remaining two days longer at the post. The men are all in good spirits and in good health. They report that there was very little sickness at the camp this year."
  • "Lawrence experienced a return of the warmer sort of weather again today. Yesterday was a very pleasant day and much more to the liking of mankind. Last night was one of the pleasantest nights of the summer."
  • "Woodland Park is proving to be a popular place with the picnic-inclined population of Lawrence and Douglas County this season. Already a large number of picnics have been held at this cool and inviting spot east of the city and many more are being planned. Sunday schools have found Woodland a splendid place for the kiddies to enjoy themselves and a number of them have taken advantage of the offerings at the park. One of the biggest events to be staged at Woodland this season is yet to come -- the big C.P.A. picnic on next Wednesday afternoon. This promises to be a real feature of the season and from the interest that has been shown it is anticipated that a record crowd will attend this gathering.... Manager Robert Johnson is endeavoring to land the annual Santa Fe picnic for Woodland Park this year and a committee from Topeka will be here tomorrow to look over the park and consider the advisability of picnicking in Lawrence this year."
  • "A small fire last night about 9:15 o'clock did about $30 damage at the home of N. L. Reed, 928 New York street. The fire was caused by dropping a lighted match. The damage to the contents of the building is estimated at $20 and that to the building as $10."


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