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Kansas company recalls ground beef because of possible E. coli contamination

August 1, 2013


— A western Kansas company is recalling more than 50,000 pounds of ground beef products because of concerns that it could be tainted with E. coli.

The U.S. Agriculture Department said that National Beef Packing Co., which is based in Liberal, produced the meat.

The products carry the number “EST. 208A” inside the USDA mark. They were produced July 18 and shipped in 40 to 60 pound cases across the country.

The department says no illnesses related to the meat have been reported.

The following products are subject to recall:

• 10 lb. chub of “National Beef” 93/ 7 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 0707;

• 10 lb. chub of “NatureSource” 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck, Product Code 7031;

• 10 lb. chub of “NatureSource” 85/15 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 7054;

• 10 lb. chub of “NatureSource” 90/10 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 7344;

• 10 lb. chub of “NatureSource” 93/ 7 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 7004;

• 10 lb. chub of “NatureWell 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck, Product Code 7484;

• 10 lb. chub of “NatureWell” 85/15 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 7454;

• 10 lb. chub of “NatureWell” 90/10 Fine Ground Sirloin, Product Code 7577;

• and 10 lb. chub of “NatureWell” 93/7 Fine Ground Beef, Product Code 7404.


Orwell 3 years ago

See, if we just got rid of all that oppressive regulation National Beef wouldn't have to recall its product. People who got sick from eating it would have the "freedom" to buy from another source next time, and maybe they wouldn't get sick again.

This is the Brownback/Huelskamp theory of "freedom," and we can either get used to it or elect someone with sense.

Catalano 3 years ago

So glad that if I want beef I buy it local.

greywolf85203 3 years ago

E. Coli is nothing to mess with. Also it has been found in iceberg lettuce mixes as well but you don't see that listed here. I found that on Yahoo. My wife has been unlucky enough to get E.Coli from the salad mix and was hospitalized for 4 days from it.

Andrew Reeves 3 years ago

" has been found in iceberg lettuce mixes as well but you don't see that listed here." Yes, because this article is about recalled ground beef.

Kat Christian 3 years ago

I never eat pre-packages salad mixes. Hasn't anybody smelled or tasted the chemical taste of this mix? Stands to reason it has been sprayed with a chemical substance which is most likely not good for you. So I go into Dillons to get fresh spinach but all they sell is pre-packaged spinach - told them they can keep it. No way I'm eating that poison. So if people just stop buying the pre-packages salad mixes and spinach and any other pre-packaged fruit and veggie they will stop selling them.

birdman34 3 years ago

Friday July 26th, my wife has El Mez 3 on Wakarusa. Orders a beef taco... Saturday night July 27th she starts feeling sick and "hot" Sunday morning she starts vomiting and the other wonderful symptom of E.Coli I wont go into details about but basically it continued constantly until Monday morning where she started vomiting blood. We brought her to the E.R. where they took a CT and her white blood cell count came back 26,000! She went home that night, luckily she's 23, extremely active and healthy but for someone much older or younger they could be hospitalized for much longer and it could be even deadly.

Her labs came back positive for E. Coli Thursday night, I attempted to call El Mez 3 that night and they were unapologetic, basically didn't want to speak with me about it, I mentioned the national beef recall and the man on the phone said. "I am unaware of the recall but that is interesting because that is definitely who we get our ground beef from." continued with thanks for the call and hung up quickly. I'm just surprised no one else in Lawrence is talking about it.

Everyone i've attempted to contact seems to ignore me and it's starting to agitate me. My wife doesn't want to cause any problems since we are both big fans of El Mez but I feel its the right thing to do to spread the word so no one else gets sick. She was in bad shape let me tell ya. Anyways, I'm assuming other restaurants in Lawrence also get their beef or was getting their beef from National Beef and I was very concerned when the man I talked to from EMIII was so oblivious to the recall.

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