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Police arrest two Lawrence teenagers in connection with string of auto burglaries

April 30, 2013


Police have arrested two 15-year-old Lawrence boys in connection with a string of auto burglaries near the 400 block of Michigan.

A Lawrence police officer responded Sunday morning to several auto burglaries in that area, where residents reported items missing from unlocked vehicles. Among the missing items were tools, cash, a sub woofer, an amplifier, and two bicycles taken from a nearby home, said Sgt. Trent McKinley, a Lawrence Police Department spokesman. Police found at least seven vehicles that had been burglarized, and learned from witnesses that a group of teenagers had been observed behaving suspiciously in the area Saturday night.

Officers later identified two of the boys and arrested them at a home near the 1900 block of Haskell Avenue, recovering some of the stolen property in the process, McKinley said. They were taken to the Juvenile Detention Center and released to legal guardians later. The two boys could be charged in Douglas County District Court, McKinley said, but they have not yet appeared before a judge. Police declined to identify the two boys because they are juveniles.

McKinley said auto burglaries of this kind often go unreported and unsolved, but officers were able to identify suspects in this case because residents reported the thefts and cooperated with police.


mom_of_three 11 months, 3 weeks ago

just because someone forgets to lock their car doesn't give anyone else the right to go through it.
and yes, my car was locked when someone used a rock to break the window.


RubyVrooom 11 months, 3 weeks ago

So... just skip the yelling at me because I didn't lock my car and skip the yelling at me because I didn't report it to the police... I'm inexperienced at being a robbery victim and I guess I didn't do it right. Anyway, I had some things stolen from my unlocked car last week. How can I find out if some of the items recovered are mine? They'd be easily identifiable. Thanks


mikekt 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Next time you pay your insurance for car, motorcycle or home, please recall that we who lock up regularly are paying for those who forget or don't, on a regular basis with every insurance renewal premium !

A string of auto burglaries....... in one area ?

Junkies just out at night or even in the daylight hours just walking a block looking for the unlocked doors ?

Enough unlocked doors that some junky can make a drug habit out of it at 10 cents on the dollar to a fence somewhere ?

This is a regular reporting theme in this news paper.....poor victims who didn't lock it up.......surprise ???!!!!!......... and while I give LJW credit for reporting the real news.... I also give credit to people who leave their cars and homes unlocked for being news worthy as victims ? ...... as well as costly to everyone else who pays higher insurance premiums, to cover their property losses, that could have been avoided , at a savings to all of us .

Oh.....I guess that I forgot......this is "Mercia" ......& we have a right, a wrong or something ? .......To not have to lock our doors !


HootyWho 11 months, 3 weeks ago

just makes sense to lock your doors,,,


Jason Johnson 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Forgetting to lock a door doesn't mean it's OK to steal.

Is it OK to rape a woman because she's wearing a skimpy outfit?


mikekt 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Hey !!!! I know,...... it's for horses !!!

But leave your car and your doors and windows to your house unlocked,..... because you are creating jobs for the police, who would else wise not have jobs..... and for reporters who write the news......And you are helping to get other people's kids off of the streets at night and keep them out of doing bad things

How about leaving your wallets and car keys in plain sight on your front stoop overnight every night ?


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