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100 years ago: City cracks down on speeding drivers

April 30, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 30, 1913:

  • "Auto speeding must stop in the city of Lawrence. This is the edict which has been issued by Marshall E. E. Meyers of the local police force and to emphasize his order the Chief has secured three warrants for persons accused of violating the anti-speeding ordinance. One of these warrants is for the owner of a car which is alleged to have been exceeding the limit on Tennessee street on last Saturday afternoon. The number of the car was obtained and complaint was made to the police department by one of the residents of that section of the city.... Another warrant is for a motor-cyclist who was caught with a stop watch last night. It is said that this boy made the length of the 700 block of Massachusetts street in 14 seconds which means a speed of about 30 miles an hour.... The police department has heard so many complaints that a campaign is to be made and the speeding stopped. This is the first installment and other arrests are to follow, it is understood."
  • "The inadequate Lawrence water supply was again demonstrated last night when the barn and shed belonging to Jim Kelsey, 500 Lincoln street, burned to the ground. The firemen were helpless and could do no more than fight the best they could with their hands and with a small stream of water which could hardly be discerned from the nozzle of the fire hose. The loss to the barn was about $300 and an auto which burned totaled another $600. The two were insured to some extent. The cause of the fire is unknown."
  • "The county commissioners Saturday expended a sum of $600 for implements with which to improve the roads of Douglas county. The purchase of the tools followed a series of tests of the various machines offered by the manufacturers of road graders. The final test was made on Saturday on the California road and following this the commissioners selected the 'King' machine and purchased it. They found from the tests that they could work a mile of road with this machine at a cost of $14.25 and this was lower than they were able to use any of the other machines at. The grader purchased will be used in connection with a steam engine which the county will hire for that purpose. It is the plan of the commissioners to keep the new grader in almost constant use in the county this summer and practically all of the country roads will be improved. The first work will be done in the neighborhood of Number 6 school house."
  • "The City of Eudora, eight miles down the Kaw, has taken up the cause of playgrounds and organized playing for the children of that city. Last night a mass meeting of citizens was held in the Methodist Church and the work was given a very material boost.... In addition to the playground, plans are on foot for the equipment of a gymnasium for the boys of the city. An effort is also to be made to employ a director to take charge of the gym and the playground."


FlintlockRifle 5 years ago

Wow ,30 MPH, on Mass. with an ET of 14 seconds, not bad.

Wayne James 5 years ago

Yes, a real breakneck speed.....100 yrs ago! Today if you travel Mass. St at 30 , you'll most likely will get stopped as the speed limit in any business area in Ks. is 20 mph.

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