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100 years ago: Quarrel over farm implement leads to murder

April 28, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 28, 1913:

  • "A dispute over the ownership of a road scraper led to the shooting of George Edson, a well-to-do young Douglas County farmer living about fifteen miles southwest of Lawrence late Saturday afternoon. Only one shot was fired, but it claimed the young man's life. The assailant was William Yahn, brother-in-law of the man whom he killed. Yahn was arrested shortly afterward by Sheriff W. J. Cummings and is now being held in the Douglas County jail on a charge of murder. The two young men had lived neighbors for a number of years, in fact they lived on the same farm, each of them having inherited one-half of the old Edson homestead when the estate of the late Mr. Edson was divided. It is stated by some that the two had frequent quarrels over small matters regarding the two farms, but they had always been able to agree and there had been no serious trouble before. The final and fatal dispute arose over the possession of a road grader. It seems that each of the men claimed the implement. At the time of the quarrel it was located at the Edson farm. Yahn claimed it and it is said that the failure of his brother-in-law to return it to the Yahn farm aroused the latter's ire and caused the clash which had been threatened for some time."
  • "Lawrence is voting on the Commission Form of Government today, but it is a very quiet election, and the vote will not be as large as was expected. From the campaign indications it was predicted that almost the entire vote would be out on this occasion but at 3 o'clock this afternoon only a little over 1400 had voted and the indications were that the total would not greatly exceed 2000 votes. Interest in the question seemed to have taken a slump for some reason or other and the voters did not turn out as largely as had been expected."
  • "Sitting in the executive offices in Topeka on Friday morning at 8 o'clock, Governor George H. Hodges of Kansas will press a button that has been placed there and thereby will formally open the first biennial exposition of the University of Kansas.... When the governor presses this button a large canvas roll that will be hung on the outside of Fraser Hall will unfold and reveal a secret message which will formally open the Exposition."
  • "Two dimes will buy a real banquet if it is prepared by girls of the department of home economics of the University of Kansas. Friday the members of the sophomore class in the selection and economic use of foods served to ten guests at a cost of 20 cents per plate a dinner containing the following menu: Fruit Cocktail, Meat Loaf, Potato Puff, Asparagus in Bread Cases, Hot Biscuits, Tomato Salad, Cheese Wafers, Apricot Sherbet, Thimble Cakes."


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