Haskell University to conduct campus shooting drill May 1

Haskell Indian Nations University will hold an “active shooter” drill on May 1 to practice safety procedures to be used in a campus shooting.

Students and staff will simulate an active shooting on the Haskell campus from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Sequoyah Hall building, while other locations on campus practice “lock down” procedures, said Lee Pahcoddy, facility manager for the Haskell campus. The Lawrence Police Department and Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical will participate in the drill and take part in simulating the treatment of shooting victims.

Haskell officials are alerting residents and schools near the campus of the drill, as it will involve emergency vehicles and student actors pretending to be wounded and frightened.

“It’s going to be as realistic as possible,” Pahcoddy said. “We tried to cover all aspects of what to do.”

The Haskell campus will likely hold more drills later this year, though on a smaller scale, Pahcoddy said. The drill was not prompted by any one particular event, but rather is meant to compliment other safety drill conducted for fire and tornadoes.

For more information, contact Lee Pahcoddy, facility manager, at 785-749-8467 ext. 202, or Gary Goombi, safety officer, at 785-727-9932.