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100 years ago: Kansas alums want KU-MU game moved back to Kansas City

April 22, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 22, 1913:

  • "'Back to Kansas City with the annual Missouri-Kansas football game.' This is to be the slogan of a strong force of Kansas University alumni which is preparing for a united effort to have the annual game played in Kansas City in the future as it was up until two years ago.... Ninety per cent of the former students who have been heard from thus far are said to have expressed an opinion in favor of the change back to Kansas City.... Many of the old grads were very much opposed to the change which took the game away from Kansas City and made it necessary that all contests be staged on college grounds.... The change was made three years ago and the first game away from Kansas City was played in Columbia, Missouri, in 1911. The attendance was a great disappointment. Columbia cared for the visitors splendidly but the train service into the city was poor and many K.U. students who made the trip that time threatened never to repeat it. Lawrence had the game last fall. The crowd was larger and the day will long be remembered in Lawrence as one of the biggest in the town's history. But still it was not the same as when the game was played in Kansas City and there has been much argument even since that eventful day. Those who are behind the plan for a change back to Kansas City hope to see their purpose accomplished by next fall so that the 1915 game can be played in Kansas City."
  • "The Douglas county commissioners will try out a new grader tomorrow afternoon on the California road. The grader is one the Russell people are putting out and the commissioners are merely testing it before making a purchase. The grader weighs about 3,600 pounds, which is above the average of graders. Charley Crowder will do the testing and will give his opinion on the worth of the machine."
  • "The Commercial Club is planning the publication of a booklet telling about the city of Lawrence. Frequently there are requests received here for such information and the club has been unable to supply it. The need of such a booklet has been felt for some time and some efforts have been made to publish one. However, thus far there has been very little accomplished. The matter was again under discussion at the meeting of the club and it seemed to be the opinion of those present that some such a book should be printed soon."
  • "Salisbury Steak, cream gravy; Mashed Potatoes, Peas; Hot Biscuits; Sweet Pickles, Tomato Salad; Steam Pudding; Coffee. Two girls of the Lawrence High School Domestic Science classes on last Monday prepared the above menu and served four persons, members of the High School faculty, at an expenditure of 92 cents. The Domestic Science Department of the High School has started a little crusade against the High Cost of Living and the girls are giving practical demonstrations of their campaign. They will continue this crusade for some time and hope to show that at a very small cost they can prepare a meal that will satisfy the inner man."


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