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100 years ago: High schoolers to have student government

April 21, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 21, 1913:

  • "The students of the Lawrence High School are to have student government through a Student Council. Last night at a meeting of the Board of Education a petition signed by practically all of the students of the school was presented to the Board.... Prof. F. H. Olney in explaining the plan stated that the students wanted first to take over athletics and other student activities as an experiment. The matter of discipline will not be vested in this Student Council for some time but later, if plans work out successfully, the students may take this over also.... The plan will be further discussed and completed at the next meeting of the High School faculty."
  • "A week from today the city of Lawrence will vote upon the commission plan of government. This is the most important election ever held in Lawrence. The plan proposed is hardly new any longer. It has been in successful operation for a number of years in many states. It is in successful operation in 35 cities of Kansas.... Lawrence has great need of this new system of government. Our present form of government has not been changed since it was adopted in 1856. The time is ripe to try out this modern form of government and no town is so good for the tryout as Lawrence. This town can show the good effects of the new rule. Lawrence should not fail to grasp this opportunity for advancement."
  • "Some time during the summer the people of Lawrence will be asked to vote on the proposed two mill tax for the purpose of erecting a new school building in the city.... The subject of a new building was the matter under discussion at a special session of the Board of Education last night. The subject is an old one but it is one of much importance to the city. The need of new buildings has been evident for some time and with this in view the bill was framed and passed by the legislature."
  • "Before the question of the new law came up there were some minor matters which were brought up before the board. Prof. E. C. Ross presented a petition in regard to playing football on Thanksgiving Day... This was set aside for a time and came up later in the evening, causing a lengthy discussion. Dr. Bumgardner drew up a resolution as follows and presented it to the board: 'Resolved, That this Board believes that the holding of Public School Athletic Contests on Thanksgiving Day or Decoration Day is not in harmony with the spirit of these days.' On calling the roll all voted the affirmative except Mr. Innes who tendered an emphatic 'No.'"
  • "T. H. Chalkley was granted permission [by the city council] to construct a garage in front of his house on Tennessee street. The garage is to be built according to plans approved by the city engineer and under his supervision."


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