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Kansas Legislature

Gov. Brownback says he’ll attend President Obama’s event in Lawrence if he’s invited

April 16, 2013


— Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback says he hopes to see President Barack Obama when he makes a visit Friday to Lawrence.

The Republican governor said Tuesday that he hasn’t been invited to attend Obama’s event at Kansas University but plans to go if he is asked to attend.

Obama hasn’t said why he is visiting Kansas. State Democratic leaders say they have been asked to find a venue that could hold between 3,000 and 6,000 people for the president’s appearance.

Brownback joked that maybe he and Obama, an avid basketball fan, could shoot a few hoops during the visit in Lawrence.


lawrenceguy40 1 year ago

Excellent news! Every cloud has a silver lining.....


UneasyRider 1 year ago

He was afraid he would have to tolerate Brownback's presence. The Koch's would have publicized it as accepting one of their bought and paid for flunkies as legitimate.


cammieb 1 year ago

He's not coming. The White House just announced it. Dang.


Clark Coan 1 year ago

Why would Obama want to give Brownback any credibility? Reportedly, Obama is going to make a big announcement. Security will be very tight due to Boston terrorist attack. Of course, the Fred Phelps inbred family will picket Allen Field House.


Richard Payton 1 year ago

Will security pat down the Governor if he shows up?


Newell_Post 1 year ago

The real question is will the WBC show up? Like most bullies, they are really just a bunch of cowards, and I doubt they would want to deal with professionals like the Secret Service.


overthemoon 1 year ago

Brownback would trouble himself to come to Lawrence to sneer at the President but not include KU on his list ad campus visits to explain his foolhardy tax plans??


Floyd Craig 1 year ago

all brownback is well he is a big joke that got put into office


Cait McKnelly 1 year ago

I'm ok with it as long as Brownback doesn't pull a Jan Brewer and start trying to poke him in the chest or call him "Boy".


koman 1 year ago

It's rittle brownie's state, he can go wherever he wants. What a complete idiot.


somebodynew 1 year ago

This just shows how hypocritical BB is. He fights everything and anything to do with the President and Washington (except some of the free money) and now he has to make a publicity move like this. You know he doesn't really want to attend, but by being first out publicly he puts the President in a (no-win) spot.

What a bunch of Carp !!!!! It just reinforces how slimy he is and how he will stoop to anything.


oneeye_wilbur 1 year ago

I want to see a friends and neighbor photo of Obama Dolph and Bernadette in that order! Holding hands!

Give me that and I'll donate $100 to the T for the consultant!


James Nelson 1 year ago

I'll tell you what, Brownie. You may be governor but why ruin the perfect record the Kansas GOP politicians have established of doing EVERYTHING they could possibly do to embarrass, snub, attack and otherwise block the law of the land from being enforced in Kansas, just because the ideas for those laws came from a democrat.

Stay home so the lied to everyday Kansas republicans can keep their misguided heads held high. One day, I hope soon, Kansans will revolt and elect people who will represent everyone and put into place tax policies benefiting most citizens. Yes, the rich will have to pay more. So be it. This rape of the poor and middle class tax system you and your buds are installing will become more evident and your days are numbered as it sinks in to the voters what you are doing. Its a simple pocketbook issue that will bite your ass eventually.


d_prowess 1 year ago

Of course Brownback should look to attend (and be invited) to a Presidential visit in his state! The idea that folks from different parties would not come together for whatever is planned is exactly the problem with politics of today. We think one side is right and the other is wrong and we will always disagree on everything so let's not even try to get together to discuss issues. You see it on these message boards all the time, but I think that everyone should feel our elected leaders should act better. I am far from a fan of Brownback, but his interest to be part of this is encouraging and I am happy he said it.


bd 1 year ago

"State Democratic leaders say they have been asked to find a venue that could hold between 3,000 and 6,000 people for the president’s appearance"

So another democratic event funded by the taxpayers???


UneasyRider 1 year ago

Brownback is hinting for an invite. Think Obama is too smart to extend one. Why invite anyone who has opposed every thing you've tried to do?


lawrenceguy40 1 year ago

I usually support Governor Brownback's judgement, but he has made an error here. He should stay away and not give barry o any extra credibility for his campaign of liberal apologetics.


KayCee 1 year ago

"Obama hasn’t said why he is visiting Kansas."

We know that Lawrence is the only place where he would be accepted by a crowd.


frankfussman 1 year ago

President Obama wants to take Brownback to the woodshed.


Deb Engstrom 1 year ago

Let's just hope he's not invited!!


MarcoPogo 1 year ago

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