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Lawrence and Douglas county

DCCCA offers walk-in substance abuse counseling on Wednesdays

April 16, 2013


For those wondering if they have a problem with alcohol, or any drug, a Wednesday afternoon in April is a fine time to talk about it with professional.

Because April is Alcohol Awareness Month, counselors at DCCCA, a Lawrence-based drug and alcohol treatment provider, want to remind people that they offer walk-in screenings and assessments for substance abuse problems every Wednesday afternoon, according to Lisa Carter, a DCCCA program director.

Clients can qualify for free treatment if their income falls within federal poverty standards, Carter said. Others can find out what treatment would cost before being charged for their visit.

The walk-in screenings are available each Wednesday, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., at DCCCA's offices at 1739 E. 23rd Street. After a screening, which includes basic lifestyle questions, an assessment might take about an hour and a half, Carter said. To check in and see a counselor, bring a photo ID, a Social Security card, proof of insurance if you have it, and a pay stub or tax form that shows your income.

Many of the people who visit DCCCA on Wednesday afternoons are motivated by problems with the law, trouble at home, or on the advice of an employer, Carter said. "I just want the community to know, this is available, if they have been considering treatment or get their backs up against a wall and need to do something."

For more information about the walk-in screenings, visit


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