Lawrence and Douglas County

Lawrence and Douglas county

Downtown Lawrence bank briefly evacuated for unfounded bomb threat

April 15, 2013


Employees and customers were briefly evacuated from the U.S. Bank building at 900 Massachusetts St. about 2 p.m. Monday after a man walked in with a box and said he had a bomb, said Sgt. Trent McKinley, a Lawrence Police Department spokesman.

Witnesses told police the man entered the bank a few minutes before 2 p.m. and climbed over a divider into the bank staff area, McKinley said. When confronted by employees, the man said he had a bomb and threw the box on the floor nearby.

Police arrived minutes later and arrested Craig Allen Bertholf, 62, Lawrence. Officers determined there was no bomb or any other danger, and the box contained only some clothing, McKinley said. Employees returned to the building, and the bank was open again by 2:15 p.m.

Bertholf was booked into Douglas County Jail on suspicion of criminal threat. Bond has not yet been set.


otto 5 years ago

He was probably cold and hungry.

DoUntoOthers 5 years ago

It is sick that oneeye wilbur finds humor in this. Think about the bank employees who have to deal with this. Think about the issues this poor man must have been dealing with to lead him to do this and to now be incarcerated. Do you have no feelings for others?

jonas_opines 5 years ago

"Do you have no feelings for others?"

Lol, no.

UfoPilot 5 years ago

It is this man who made the threat that has no feelings for others.

Patriot2 5 years ago

Could be the bank seized all his money to pay a loan for someone else. Could be all his bills got behind and are now in collection because the bank blew him off for over a year before they "decided" that maybe "they" should take a look at the issue at hand. Could be he's not the only one this institution has done this injustice to. Just say'in.

Dawn Davis 5 years ago

If you would have been there when they were aresting him, you would have CLEARLY seen the man had problems!!!! BUT IT IS NOT A N EXCUSE TO PUT OTHERS IN FEAR !

somebodynew 5 years ago

You didn't have to be there, just search the LJW past stories and you will see this person's name before. Still no excuse to traumatize others, and he clearly does not stay on his help when it has been given him.

jonas_opines 5 years ago

It's impressive that no matter how low the bar you've set for yourself gets, you always manage to find the ability to set it lower. You're like the Honey Boo Boo of forum posters.

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