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100 years ago: Local private hopsital upgrades operating room

April 15, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 15, 1913:

  • "When Dr. John C. Rudolph opened his hospital at 922 Kentucky street some time ago he equipped it as he believed sufficient for its needs, but so great has been the demand upon it that many improvements were needed. In making the changes Dr. Rudolph decided there was no half way ground and therefore has spent more than a thousand dollars in fitting up one of the best equipped operating rooms in the state. With porcelain fixtures throughout, enameled walls and linoleum the room has been made sanitary in every detail and the latest apparatus has been installed for sterilizing, making distilled water, etc. Over the operating table has been installed a powerful light to make dangerous delays impossible. While the new equipment has only been installed a few days it has already been in use several times and Dr. Rudolph says that the convenience and satisfaction has been worth all that it has cost him."
  • "Wednesday, April 16, will be observed at K.U. as the Third Annual Engineers' Day with appropriate festivities and also a holiday for the engineers.... The Engineers' parade has come to be eagerly anticipated by the townspeople and is the particular event of the day in which they are most interested. Original floats prepared by the different departments of the engineering school always attract attention. This year a number of new ideas have been worked out and the parade promised to be up to the engineering standard."
  • "This is the season of the year when the danger from fire is great. Sunday the day was desecrated on the south side by a young man who cut hedge all day and in the evening insisted upon starting a big fire close to some trees that were just beginning to bloom. The young man was impudent about it and insisted that he had the right to start a fire wherever he pleased. He ought to have been arrested for violating the Sabbath and for starting a fire in a dangerous place."
  • "Officers Smith and Silverthorn of the Lawrence police were very much surprised yesterday morning when they discovered a pile of 'empties' lying on the parking in front of the city Y.M.C.A. building. An inventory was taken and disclosed the fact that there were an even thirty pints int he pile. The officers are suspicious of a number of K.U. students who were seen to get off an evening train from the east with suitcases in their hands and who afterward made their way to the Y.M.C.A. building still carrying the suitcases."


UneasyRider 5 years, 2 months ago

That's exactly the attitude Brownback wants to take us back to. And with the current legislature, he could probably get the laws passed.

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