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Obama’s budget includes $714 million for construction of bioscience lab in Manhattan

April 10, 2013


— Efforts to build a new biosecurity lab in Kansas are getting a huge boost, as President Barack Obama sends Congress a budget proposal that includes $714 million for construction of the facility at Kansas State University.

That would be the largest proposed federal expenditure for the project to date.

Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas said Wednesday that the recommendation signals the administration’s support for building the $1.15 billion lab, which will study large animal diseases and develop measures to protect the nation’s food supply.

The Department of Homeland Security will build the lab to replace a facility at Plum Island, N.Y.

Roberts, a Republican, says the proposal will require additional financial commitments from Kansas, which will be worked out by Gov. Sam Brownback and legislators.


Keith Richards 5 years ago

Good luck finding hundreds of millions of dollars from the KS state budget.

chootspa 5 years ago

Don't worry. He'll just steal the money from schoolchildren and poor people.

Nonsense 5 years ago

Sam has rejected every other Federal handout, I am POSTIVE he will reject this one too... (tongue in cheek)

garthwatchison 5 years ago

Thanks for the big government handout Obama!

chzypoof1 5 years ago

It's not the money that should be the fear here. Go Google the Plum Island facility and the outbreaks they've had. And we are planting this next to a HUGE collection of our cattle that we use for Food? You don't need a foil hat to think this is a terrible idea.

Oh well, logic with society as a whole (on both sides) went out the window a long time ago...

Keith 5 years ago

The sure thing is that if there is an outbreak, it won't destroy any intelligent lifeforms.

Shane Garrett 5 years ago

Wee Hee! This money, plus the Agricultural department moving from Topeka to Manhattan, could only mean good things for the little apple. Since Weber got a 1/4 mil raise he should be able to recruit some talent for the local basket ball team. The new expensive remake of the Bill Snyder Family football stadium and the new milling science grain elevator along with that coming summer country jam session; makes Lawrence look like a town from a distant past. Watch out for the ghost of Quantrill.

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