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100 years ago: Dentists’ convention fills Eldridge with toothy talk

April 10, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 10, 1913:

  • "If you are looking for something startling or even entertaining, see that your path doesn't lead you in the direction of a Dental Convention. A dentist's chair is all right, you will get plenty of thrills and sensations there and nearly all dentists are very entertaining when they have you down on your back and a couple of buzz saws operating on an aching molar. But a Dental Convention or conference is very different, you may hear some one who is making an address, but it is some sort of a foreign lingo which you aren't supposed to understand, or you may find an energetic salesman who is demonstrating a new brand of something (the name can't be remembered) which has just been discovered and promises to revolutionize the entire Dental profession. And thus it was in Lawrence today. There was a Dental Convention on, the First District Dentists were in session at the Eldridge House, discussing and demonstrated and they said they were having a splendid meeting. There are about fifty visiting tooth artists from various cities in Eastern Kansas here for the occasion.... There was one feature of the program which was given which was very much after the fashion of ordinary conferences and conventions -- the Banquet last night. This one thing the dentists have in common with ordinary individuals, they can eat and they enjoy it too, for aren't they tooth experts and shouldn't they be well-equipped to handle almost any sort of a meal? The answer is 'Yes,' anyone who saw them gathered around Bill Hutson's biggest table last night will agree."
  • "More snow. This was the burden of the report issued by the weather man for Kansas, and especially Eastern Kansas, today. He stated in his message that the snow might be expected some time during the night and that it might be accompanied by a fall of the mercury. And this just when every one thought that winter was surely over and that Spring was here to stay, but it seems not. Several times already Spring breezes and April Showers have attempted to take possession, but again defeat stares them in the face and winter apparently is 'coming back' for a short period. Locally there was every indication that this afternoon the weather man had calculated correctly and that there would be something doing in the weather line before morning."
  • "Tomorrow is Arbor Day in the state of Kansas, the annual tree planting day which is coming to be one of more and more importance each year as trees grow scarcer. Governor Hodges has issued a proclamation officially declaring this day, April 11, as the official Arbor Day. If you are going to set out some trees tomorrow is the proper day to do the job."
  • "The Hessian Fly, the most damaging enemy of the wheat crops, is said to have invaded many of the fields along the Kaw Valley and are said to have done considerable damage already this year. The ravages of the fly are said to have been especially felt in the neighborhood of Bonner Springs."


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