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100 years ago: Spring rains inconvenient, but better than drought

April 9, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 9, 1913:

  • "The spring rains have come and the fear that there would not be enough moisture to bring the crops has gone glimmering. The rain started last night, but there was not much of a rainfall during the night. This morning, however, there was a downpour that lasted a couple of hours and that was followed by a steady fall. The farmers are backward with their work, but they fear that less than they feared the dry ground without the rain. The trees are coming fast and plum and pear and peach blossoms are out in fine shape. The cherries will be along any time and the apples are not far behind. Altogether it looks like a fine spring and when this cool spell ends the crops of all kinds will grow fast. The farmers are partially through with sowing their oats, and the plowing for corn was underway."
  • "Some alarm is being felt in North Lawrence today because of the rise in the river. The river has been up for some time and took another jump last night and threatened to break over in the very low places. However, as there have been no heavy rains reported it is very doubtful if there will be any damage occasioned by the present raise in the river." [However, in the next day's edition....] "The river is not high nor is it rising. The water is lower now that it has been in years. It would take a month's steady rain to cause any apprehension from the river."
  • "About 100 dentists from eastern Kansas will spend tomorrow and Thursday in Lawrence. The annual meeting of the First District Dental Society will be in session here for two days. The program includes a number of papers and clinics which will no doubt be of much interest to the profession but which might be rather boresome to an ordinary citizen."
  • "The early settlers in Lawrence planted so many trees that Lawrence has won the sobriquet of the forest city without the present generation being deserving of it. For many years there has been little planting in Lawrence. While the city is the home of the best nurseries in the state it is seldom canvassed by tree agents and many yards are sadly lacking in shrubs, bushes and vines as well as shade and fruit trees. April 11th is Arbor Day and the Ince Nursery Company is advertising a special sale for those who wish to plant trees on that day. This is a live nursery company and may be depended upon to give nursery stock of high quality and true to name. Fruit trees and bushes grow splendidly in Lawrence and yet there are hundreds of homes that do not have fruit of any kind. The time to make the change is now."
  • "The proposed amendment to the federal constitution providing for the popular election of United States senators was ratified by the Connecticut general assembly today. Connecticut is the thirty-sixth state to adopt the amendment and thus make the change in the U.S. constitution.... The amendment primarily transfers the power of electing senators from the state legislatures to the people at the polls."


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