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Ottawa boy, 4, receives minor injuries after another child shoots him with BB gun

April 8, 2013


A 4-year-old Ottawa boy accidentally shot another 4-year-old boy in the cheek with a BB gun Sunday afternoon, according to Adam Weingartner, spokesman for the Ottawa Police Department.

The boy received minor injuries.

Police responded to the incident about 3 p.m. Sunday in the 500 block of E. Fifth St. after the gun accidentally discharged, Weingartner said. The gun is normally kept locked up, but an older child in the home was able to unlock the gun. Weingartner said the incident is being classified as an accident, and no further criminal investigation is planned.


smitty 1 year ago

What are the city ordinances in Lawrence re: BB guns (shot inside the city limits)?

Are these young BB gun users mandated to attend any gun training with parents in tow?


juma 1 year ago

No action taken!!!!????? This was a loaded gun that was locked up? I know it was only a bb gun but it could easily have put out an eye. Also, were there other guns in the same lock-up? I have guns locked in a closet and none are loaded and ready to fire. A BB gun needs to be loaded and cocked. Are irresponsible parents leaving loaded guns in the closet? I get angry about this because when idiots who don't know how to treat guns get in the news then the anti-gun crowd has more ammunition (no put intended).


jw721 1 year ago

Why is this even news?


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