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100 years ago: KU student missing after Easter break

April 8, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 8, 1913:

  • "Considerable excitement prevailed at a boarding club in the University district this morning when it was learned that one of the members of the club had mysteriously disappeared. The lost co-ed is a Freshman, Elsie Luckey, who spent the Easter vacation with her sister in Kansas City. The girl did not return to Lawrence and no word was received from her. Today the sister tried to reach the girl here, thinking that she had come back to Lawrence last week. Neither the sister nor any of the members of the club know the whereabouts of the girl and considerable apprehension is felt for her safety."
  • "The Baldwin City Election held today was not the quiet affair that everyone had expected. There was only one ticket in the field that the general public was aware of until this morning, when the women of the city appeared with a ticket headed by Mrs. Jennie McMillan for Mayor and Mrs. Allerdice and Mrs. Kuhn for council-women. The voting throughout the day was very exciting as the women were out in good numbers and over four hundred votes were polled. The men who had predicted a quiet election were forced to get extremely busy and only succeeded in electing their candidate by 44 votes. The election returns show one woman to have been elected on the ticket, Mrs. Allerdice as council-woman."
  • "According to information received at the city engineer's office there will be mighty little new paving in Lawrence the next two years. A law passed by the last legislature provided that in addition to paying for the intersections the city must pay for one-third of the cost of all paving.... Lawrence is well paved. All the main thoroughfares are paved and the property owners have borne all the expense. It would be unfair to charge them one-third of the paving in the outlying districts."


lonebunny 5 years, 1 month ago

I trust y'all got that paving problem solved by now? up from "mighty little new paving" to potholes that go clear down to the original "mighty little new paving"?

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